The Photography of Weronika Kosińska

The cover photo for the April issue is by Weronika Kosińska, a supremely talented Cracovian fashion and beauty photographer who is making a name for herself in Poland and internationally.

We spoke to Weronika about her work.


Krakow Post: You work mostly in fashion and beauty photography. What drew you to this area?

Weronika Kosińska: Women, simply. They are amazing creatures –very beautiful and mysterious. And it always surprises me how much they can change in every shoot.

KP: Fashion and beauty means working with make-up artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists. Do you have a regular team?

WK: Yes, there are some people I work with often, like Kinga and Radek from this shoot. Creating something with people I know well – friends – is great and always means having a wonderful time.

KP: Where do you find your models? Have you ever discovered a supermodel?

WK: I keep my eyes wide open and try not to miss anyone with the right potential. Sometimes I talk to people on the street, give them my card and tell them what I do. But of course I work also with modeling agencies. Over time, I have met a lot of people and everyone knows someone else, so my model list has became wider and wider. As for supermodels, well, I did once run into an amazing girl in a vegetarian bistro. She agreed to model for me and we did some photo shoots together – after some time she started to get very good modeling offers. But I’m not sure if it was me who discovered her – she is simply overwhelmingly beautiful and I think everyone sees it.

KP: You also run the Humans of Cracow project – photographing random Carcovians on the street. Where did you get the idea?

WK: One day my friend shared a Humans of New York photo on Facebook and I asked her: “Why won’t we do something similar here?” She said: “So do it!” So I did it.

KP: Did you study photography, or are you self-taught?

WK: Self-taught. I’m still learning and, hopefully, will never stop.

KP: What has been your greatest achievement in photography so far?

WK: Working for Harper’s Bazaar Romania, Nivea and winning the fashion category in the Viva! Photo Awards 2013. And my private huge success: not quitting photography somewhere along the way, because sometimes I am very self critical.

KP: What single piece of advice would you give to amateur photographers to help them improve their results?

WK: Never give up! Do what you love and do it often. Invest and believe in yourself. Be patient.

KP: Which photographers do you most admire, and why?

WK: Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel, Eugenio Recuenco and Paolo Roversi for their style, for loving the beauty of women, and for showing a story in their photos and a mystery.

KP: If you could photograph one person / place / thing at any time in history, who or what would it be?

WK: It would be Kate Moennig in Los Angeles. There is something unique about her.

And here is something about my wonderful team:

Wiktoria (Model)

She has been fascinated by the theatre for the last three years, and just can’t help her obsession. She has performed at Krakow’s Hothaus Theatre many times. Every year, she tries to get into the Theatre Academy. Tibetan and Buddhist philosophy are her second hobby. She would like to spend a few years in a monastery with monks.

Kinga (Make-up)

A professional make-up artist since 2010, she has worked for Nivea, Bruno Banini and Procter & Gamble. Her work has been published in many magazines, including Kismet, Eksmagazyn, Miasto Kobiet, and Lounge. Her day job is advising women on make-up in a Krakow cosmetics shop. She loves sport, especially football and fitness, and also likes reading books.

Radek (Hair)

He has been in the hairdressing game for four years, and working on photo shoots for the last six months. His work has been published in many magazines, including Lounge, Eksmagazyn and Ellements. He is also proud of his part in winning the Viva! Photo Awards 2013 competition – preparing the hairstyles for the fashion shoot that won. He is the life and soul of the party, always smiling and full of energy. You can recognize his laugh from a kilometre away.

Title: Under Your Spell

Photographed by: Weronika Kosińśka

Hair Stylist: Radosław Galiński

Make-up Artist: Kinga Zawiła-Szeliga / Pigment

Model: Wiktoria Kowalska

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