Building the Spirit of Astia in Poland

Open Your Mind to Astia

On Saturday, April 12th at hub:raum Kraków, members of the start-up community, mentors and investors will meet for an “Open Your Mind to Astia” unconference, where they will discuss various aspects of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in Poland.

This participant-driven meeting will be held using an innovative Open Space Technology format.

The main goal of the „Open Your Mind to Astia” meeting is to create an action plan that would benefit Poland in the areas of:

  • creating a start-up friendly environment
  • teaching and promoting entrepreneurship for the generation of 20 and 30-year-olds
  • educating people about gender diversity in teams as a key factor for innovation

No entry fee is required, however registration at is obligatory prior to the event.

The meeting will be held in both Polish and English in Open Space Technology format, which gives participants a chance to create the agenda for themselves.

Anyone who has just launched a business of their own or is planning to do so in the near future is welcome to join.  The event is also open to mentors, as it will allow them to share their experience and be an inspiration for the start-up owners and angel investors for whom it will provide an excellent opportunity to find a valuable addition to their portfolio.

Astia is a non-profit organisation with a mission to support and encourage initiatives increasing women’s participation in business worldwide, from developing entrepreneurial skills programmes to educational initiatives and investing in women-led high-growth start-ups. „What is different about Astia in comparison to other organisations that offer support for women, is the fact that Astia involves both men and women equally in supporting women-led start-ups and businesses whilst other organisations focus mainly on women-to-women support.” says Richard Lucas, angel investor and a member of Inspired by Astia, a group promoting Astia’s values in Poland.

.“Open Your Mind to Astia” unconference is also a prelude to a bigger event in May which will be accompanying annual ASPIRE conference featuring Sharon Vosmek, Astia’s CEO as keynote speaker and is supported by Inspired by Astia, Google for Entrepreneurs Kraków, Kraków-based angel investor Richard Lucas, Hub:raum Kraków and Inspiring People.

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