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Living in a city stuffed with UNESCO-heritage charm, several hundred bars and a thousand years of culture is all very well, but for a city to be truly great, it needs a fish and chip shop. On March 29, Krakow will finally qualify as The Dorsz opens its doors on Św. Anny 4.

For anyone unfamiliar with the great British institution that is the fish and chip shop, I extend my heartfelt sympathy, but also some background. Almost every town in the UK has a ‘chippy.’ Often, they are modest establishments where you walk in, order your delicious food, then take it away wrapped in paper.

These are the kind of places that have fed generations of Britons since long before anyone had ever heard of hamburgers, and continue to do so today. The Dorsz will be a little more ambitious than that.

The Krakow Post spoke to Alistair Mckeown at The Dorsz during an exclusive, pre-opening tour of the premises. The place is huge. The ground floor features a full fish and chip frying range, imported from the UK, with some tables and chairs. Downstairs in the huge basement will be a sit-down restaurant and bar.

Details are still to emerge, but we understand that the restaurant will offer a range of British or British-inspired dishes as well as fish and chips, from pies to (let it be true) Sunday roasts.

Alistair is not new to the fish and chip game. He has run a highly successful branch of the The Dorsz in Łódź since 2012. “We had a great time in Łódź,” he said “We made lots of friends and really got involved in the community.”

Planning to replicate this formula in Krakow, The Dorsz will be far more than just a place to sample the delights of British cuisine. “When I was a kid,” said Alistair, “the bloke in the chippy knew everyone in town, and everyone knew him. That’s the kind of place I want The Dorsz to be.”

In Łódź, The Dorsz served as a meeting place for the expat community, took part in festivals and cultural events, and even brought British culture to the city’s school kids via fun, educational events (with a plate of cod and chips for all). The Krakow incarnation of The Dorsz is planning all this, and more.

Don’t take our word for it – a quick scroll through social rating and review sites reveals the delicious pedigree of The Dorsz: “Excellent fish and chips – better than in the UK,” “Large portions, top quality ingredients, friendly helpful staff,” “Delicious, crispy fish and probably the best chips in the city!”

The Dorsz opens its doors at 12 noon on Saturday March 29, and will be open until the last guest.

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  7 Responses to “Fish and Chips Arrive in Krakow”

  1. The last time I had authentic English fish and chips was when my dad took me to a ground floor restaurant in London in 1947. Still remember it was served on newspaper.

    Can’t wait to try The Dorsz.

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  4. […] The humble chippy arrives in Kraków The most British of institutions will arrive in Kraków, Poland, this month as fish and chip restaurant The Dorsz opens its doors on 29 March. As well as fish and chips, the restaurant will serve up other British dishes, such as pies and Sunday roasts, and follows the success of its sister restaurant in Łódź. Read more: […]

  5. I love it

    the article as well as the fish and chips of course

  6. […] El restaurante Dorsz de pescado y patatas fritas puede parecer como un lugar extraño para celebrar una exposición de fotografías, pero en realidad tiene mucho sentido. Situado justo al lado del Rynek, tiene un flujo constante de clientes y el elegante interior funciona bien como un espacio de exposición. Le pregunté Tetsuya acerca de su exposición y la vida en general, en un plato de patatas fritas con queso. […]

  7. […] The Dorsz fish and chips restaurant may seem like a strange place to hold a photo exhibition, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Situated just off the Rynek, it has a steady stream of customers and the stylish interior works well as an exhibition space. […]

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