Is Sleeping With Your Wife Unnatural? Talking Dog Returns

Is sleeping with your wife or husband unnatural? What exactly is a ‘tongue drum,’ and why would a man in a skirt read a poem to his dinner? All these questions, and more, will be answered at Talking Dog II.

The second edition of the extraordinary Talking Dog International is let off the leash at Klub Piękny Pies, tonight from 19:30, as 28 performers from nine nations take to the stage.

Talking Dog is a unique event in Krakow, and Poland. Participants can use their five minutes on stage to sing a song, make a political speech, tell some jokes, read something thought-provoking, or educate and entertain the audience by any means necessary.

All spoken-word performances are in English, but this is no expat-only event. Polish performers made up a good proportion of the participants at the first Talking Dog in November, and they will again tonight.

A rare opportunity for Poles to introduce fascinating and obscure aspects of their culture to an international audience, and vice-versa, Talking Dog International is fast becoming a grass-roots forum for an increasingly diversified Krakow.

Anarchic, intimate, fun and often hilariously incompetent, nobody can be sure what will happen when the Talking Dog is out and about.

Tonight will also feature a foot-stomping after-show concert by The Silver Owls and The Awarians.

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