Talking Dog International – A New Breed of Entertainment

It seems you can teach an old dog new tricks, even one that has already mastered the unusual skill of talking.

The Krakow Post and legendary Krakow pub, Piękny Pies, have come together to retrain long-running cultural event Gadający Pies into an English-language version – Talking Dog.

Defining Gadający Pies (and its new cousin, Talking Dog) is no walk in the park. The facts are these: each performer gets five minutes on stage to entertain, enlighten, enrage or simply engage the audience.

It’s not a music gig, but there will be music, it’s not a poetry slam, but there will be poetry, it’s not a political meeting, but there will be politics.

We issued an open invitation to the talented people of Krakow, Polish and non-Polish, and put together a wildly varied running order of 15 acts. Some are amateurs, others are skilled and recognised pros, all are worth five minutes of your time.

Gadający Pies, the Polish version, has been running for almost two years, and is exactly the kind of thing that keeps Krakow’s reputation for fun-loving bohemianism alive.

By creating an English-language version, we aim to throw it open to the ever-growing international community of Krakow, while preserving the anarchic glee of the original.

We invite you all to come along to Piękny Pies on Thursday night (7:30pm) and run with the pack.

Join us on Facebook: Talking Dog International

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