Nov 112013

Independence Day marches in Krakow organised by right-wing opposition party, Law and Justice (PiS), and controversial nationalist group Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski (National Rebirth of Poland, NOP) passed without violent incident.

At a rally under the walls of Wawel Castle, PiS leader, Jarosław Kaczyński, called for the creation of a “truly independent Poland” and praised the policies of Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán – a sentiment warmly welcomed by the several hundred Orbán supporters invited from Hungary for the event.

Police estimated that approximately 1,500 people took part in the NOP march, although the organisers claimed 10,000 were there.

One unquestioned attendee was Nick Griffin, chairman of the British National Party (BNP) and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for North West England.

The BNP espouses: “voluntary resettlement whereby immigrants and their descendants are afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin” and has frequently campaigned against uncontrolled immigration to the UK from Poland.

Delivering a speech on pl. Matejki, Griffin said: “Poles who go to England see that it is dominated by immigrants. It’s the same in France and Germany. This is a deliberate attempt to control Europe. Powerful Zionists want to destroy us. We, the nationalists, must stand together to fight for a white, nationalist and radical Europe.”

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  133 Responses to “BNP’s Nick Griffin Marches With Polish Nationalists and Warns: “Zionists Want to Destroy Us””

  1. We are all the same !

    • Are we? You must be so pally with terrorists then eh? Would you be happy with sharia law? Forced to pray to a god clearly doesnt exist? Wake up dreamer, because when your freedom is gone, itll be too late to do anything.

      • We don’t need the likes of Nick Griffin in Poland to tell us how to fight for freedom.

        As for being forced to pray to a god that doesn’t exist, I think Christianity has been doing that longer than Islam.

    • Really? We are all the same? We bleed red? Well so do giraffes!

      Accept your difference. We are NOT the same.

  2. Anyone familiar with the film ‘Citizen Kane’ will remember the scene where Orson Welles as a young Kane has just taken over at the New York Daily Inquirer. There is a query as to why the Inquirer isn’t running as big a headline on a particular story as one of the rival papers.

    “Because the news wasn’t big enough,” explains Carter, the harassed editor.

    “Mr Carter,” replies Kane, “if the headline is big enough, it makes the news big enough.”

    My point? The Krakow Post has just elevated a virtually forgotten British politician to a prominence that probably even he wasn’t expecting. Now he’ll need to explain the BNP’s anti-immigration policies to his new Polish friends.

    • “Now he’ll need to explain the BNP’s anti-immigration policies to his new Polish friends.”
      Not really. Firstly, you need to realize that both parties rather consciously cooperate. It doesn’t require a great intellect. Your problem is that you don’t understand why both BNP and NOP are opposed to immigration.
      You must understand that nationalists don’t hate immigrants whom because of poverty left their countries to be despised cheap labor. You must understand that nationalists in Europe are fighting the same system – liberal democracy and capitalism that led to this.
      BNP don’t want any imigrants and (probably) don’t want British people to emigrate becouse of povery. NOP also don’t want Polish people to emigrate becouse of povery and don’t want any imigrants in Poland. It’s simple.
      You also have to know that Polish nationalist immigrants cooparate with BNP in Britain.

      And one more thing, from NOP declaration:
      “That the human species is comprised of a patchwork of differing races and cultures is a matter of commonsense, and yet there are, incredibly, those who would destroy this richness and diversity in humanity in order to replace it with a rootless mass, lacking identity and history. In such a nightmare world the very words Race, Nation and Culture would cease to have any meaning at all. In other words, this forced multi-racism is seeking to destroy the living soil within which all peoples have their roots, their identity, their being. The Third Position rejects any and all attempts to impose this inhuman conformity on Mankind, whether it be advanced by slick television propaganda, or at the point of a gun. The Third Position insists that it is both healthy and divinely ordained that people should have a genuine love and preference for their own kind; it likewise insists that this healthy instinct must be complemented by a sincere respect for those of differing race and culture who act upon the same principle. As a consequence, the Third Position supports the concept of Racial Separatism whereby different peoples and cultures co-operate in an atmosphere of respect and understanding to their mutual benefit, preserving one another from the abyss of multi-racism. In the struggle to preserve human diversity, resettlement of races to their countries of origin will play a major role, and will directly aid the struggle to build a more peaceful world.”

      • So you’re opposed to free movement of labour around the EU, is that what you’re saying then, Polish Nationalist? You agree with the BNP when they say that Poles should be repatriated from the UK? Say, for example, your father or brother was working in England because he couldn’t find a job in Poland. You’d be happy to see him sent back home? And what about other EU members in Poland? Should the Krakow Post offices be closed down because the paper is run by foreigners?

        So what system are you proposing to replace liberal democracy and capitalism? The only alternative that I can see is state control. You’d be back in the dark ages of the PRL. Is that what you’re saying?

        And your concept of racial separatism sounds too much like the manifesto of the party who sent an entire people to the gas chambers. You may say you respect other ethic groups, but what happens if they want to live in your society for whatever reason? Would you turn away a Filipino after the recent disaster? Remember, the Nazis didn’t just target the Jews. Poland was to be destroyed and Poles and Slavs in general were ‘Untermemschen’. I would choose your bedfellows wisely if I were you.

        • Typical red, comment the politics of fear again, so we just keep making your liberal traitors millionaires a?
          have more phoney wars so leaders like blair can get a £30 million in his bank account and say it was earnt by making speeches, hahahaha

          • Politics of fear? You’ve just described the BNP, Steve. And it looks as if you’re saying further down that Britain should have let Hitler take over Poland. Explain your comments please if I’m wrong.

            Because someone was opposed to the Nazis does not make them Red. The Polish Republic fought the Nazis in the west and the Soviets in the east. You’d make a lot more friends if you watched your language, mate.

            And it was Chamberlain, not Churchill, who took Britain to war against Germany.

          • Churchill was minister for war we all who know the prime minister was thank you.
            Im not here to make friends with people who support white genocide and Europes distruction,its the left that use the politics of fear just like they did by murdering 2 innocent golden dawn doorman.

          • Hey, dude. What does a crime in Greece have to do with Polish politics? If you want to get involved in a country’s political life, the least you can do is find out a few things about it. I wonder if your leader is as clueless about Poland as you seem to be? As a nationalist, you should know that conditions and circumstances are different for each country.

          • I guess I’m just like you then clueless but at least i don’t keep voting for my own genocide.

          • Like I said before Steve, you struggle with history. Churchill was Secretary of State for War between 1919-1921. After the Tories lost the General Election in 1929, in which Churchill held the post of Chancellor of the Exchequer, he didn’t hold any government post until after the outbreak of WW2 when he was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty, a position he had also held between 1911-1915.

            I would have thought a proud nationalist like yourself would have a better grasp of your country’s history.

          • Anyone can google a few facts so google labour25

          • Indeed, anyone can Google facts, but maybe not you as you have submitted a number of posts which have been 100% wrong :)

  3. The BNP don’t need to explain their immigration policies to anyone if you don’t like them one doesn’t vote for them.
    Life is so simple you get what you vote for!

    well done to Griffin for supporting polish nationalists.

    • Problem is, if he was back in the UK, he’d probably be marching in protest at immigration from Eastern Europe, including Poland. You don’t see any contradiction in that?

      • In the UK, Nick Griffin supports the territorial integrity of that nation. In Poland, Nick Griffin supports the territorial integrity of that nation.

        Why don’t you tell us where the contradiction is?

        • As the article above says, the BNP would like to see repatriation of Poles from the UK. I would describe that as being anti-Polish, wouldn’t you?

          • I just checked their (BNP) manifesto and it doesn’t mention Poles at all so i don’t know where you get your miss information from.

          • Just because the BNP don’t want immigrants doesn’t mean they hate the immigrants or their ethnicity. Britain is full… overpopulated

          • At last someone with a normal brain has come on.

          • Really? Is that why so many BNP members have been convicted of attacks on ethnic minorities?

          • Don’t talk rubbish how would you or me know haw many BNP members were convicted of attacks on minorities?
            Stan your just a BNP hater its about time you started to vent on the party and politicians you voted for,as the BNP are not to blame for the mess the UK is in.

          • Yes, I freely admit to disliking the BNP. Why? Because I am not a racist, I am not anti immigrant or anti immigration. I am all for economic, cultural and ethnic diversity because I believe this enriches countries, communities and society as a whole.

          • But only white countries need enriching a Stan?
            you are a white genocidist,how much more should london be enriched stan? should it keep being enriched till every indigenous person is gone?do you think that the aboriginals in Australia should be enriched till they are extinct also? how about the tibitains should they be enriched further by the chinese till they disappear ?
            or is only a loathing for whites and especially the indigenous British that you have?

        • No one is threatening our borders. Our territorial integrity is not under threat so Nick Griffin can return home and get back under the rock he crawled out of.

      • Its a question of numbers, immigration is about exploitation of workers for the benefit of big business.
        It won’t belong before the EU start to import Africans into Poland saying that there is a shortage of cheap labour like they have done every where, else open your eyes.


        • If Africa is for the Africans then I assume you support Robert Mugabe’s policies of forcing white farmers off their land and giving it to his supporters then? I also assume you would then support the forcible repatriation of the white population of Africa back to their families’ original country of origin? Furthermore I assume you would have no complaints about Britain paying compensation to those African countries that were subject to the slave trade and centuries of economic exploitation when under British rule and as a natural follow on from this Britain should then withdraw all it’s territorial claims on all countries and islands outside mainland Britain, and yes, that includes Northern Ireland and no doubt you’ll be supporting the Yes campaign for Scottish independence.

        • Africa for Africans…and the thousands of Chinese who own all the businesses they work for…

  4. Absolutely unbelievable! For years Griffin and his party have been stirring up trouble for Poles living in England and now some stupid right wing party invite him to Poland. Why the hell was he let into the country?

    • Griffin doesn’t want Poland to end up looking like the UK,where the indigenous Brit is unrecognisable in London.

      Funny how you want to refuse Griffin one person into a country though.

      • Griffin is a Holocaust denier therefore he should not be allowed into the country where the majority of the crimes of the Holocaust took place.

        • Griffin doesn’t deny the holocaust took place he just doesn’t agree with the figures.

          • “In 1998, Griffin, along with Paul Ballard, was convicted of violating section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986, relating to incitement to racial hatred for publishing material that denied the Holocaust, specifically his editing of issue 12 of The Rune, published in 1996.”

            The Rune was an anti Semitic publication which Griffin edited and also contributed articles to.

    • Griffin doesn’t want Poland to end up looking like the UK,where the indigenous Brit is unrecognisable in London.

      • I’ve never been able to recognize a Zionist in London…

        • Try Israel and while your there ask them if they want 1/2 million polish to exploit for cheap labour.

          • Cheap Polish labour? I rest my case.

          • Im glad we agree.

          • You are saying, therefore, that Mr Griffin would like to see the end of cheap Polish labour in the UK? Have I understood you correctly?

          • As i understand it Griffin doesn’t believe in the undercutting of British workers wages by any national group regardless of where they come from. British jobs for British workers and polish jobs for polish workers.
            I don’t think that this is a unreasonable policy.

          • Thanks for clearing that up. I think most people will be able to judge where the BNP stands on most issues from this article and discussion. I have to say it takes a very unique mindset to be talking about a Zionist conspiracy in Krakow of all places, a city rich in its Jewish heritage.

          • Poles do not go to Britain to undercut anyone. Poles go to work in Britain for the wages they were offered at the time and they didn’t know that the recruitment agencies were offering them lower wages than their British counterparts. If Griffin was so concerned about the wages of British workers being undercut he should have berated the bosses of the companies that were forcing wages down in this manner. It is also insulting to the Polish worker as what these companies are saying is that they are not worth the same money as the British worker.

          • Ex Zorba the Geek, if someone has cloned your user name have a word with the editor of the Kraków Post to look into it for you.

          • Thanks, Stan. What I mean is that there’s some guy out there with a website using the name Zorba the Geek. I should have checked before, I guess.

      • Griffin is floundering around trying to grab attention for himself. A few years ago he didn’t want to have anything to do with Poles, him and his scummy party were whipping up anti Polish sentiment left, right and centre. Him and his party are a busted flush and it is quite ironic he is now trying to rebuild his career on the back of Polish nazionalists.

        • Griffin didn’t take us into 2 illegal wars that killed over a million muslims your parties did. Imagine a million bodies piled up and you want to run down a small patriotic party.

          • I don’t think Griffin shed any tears over a million dead Muslims. I don’t have to imagine anything, Poland suffered 6 million dead during WW2, a war caused by a party that your idol admires so much.

          • I think you will find that Griffins family were fighting in the British army in the WW2 along side poles.
            stop trying to re enforce your stereotypes.

          • “I think you will find that Griffins family were fighting in the British army in the WW2 along side poles.”

            The Polish army did not serve in India :)

  5. In Listen Little Man Wilhelm Reich wrote the following: “Love, work and knowledge know no fatherlands, no customs barriers, and no uniforms. They are international and comprise all humanity. But you want to be a little patriot, because you are afraid of genuine love, afraid of your responsibility for your own work, afraid of knowledge. This is why you can only exploit the love, work and knowledge of others but can never create yourself. This is why you steal your happiness like a thief in the night; this is why you cannot see happiness in others without getting green with envy.” – and really and truly, Dr Reich hit the nail on the head, and little men with little venemous minds and enormous egos like Griffin and Jarosław Kaczyński really do need to receive the most creative of responses. And also reminded that since the human race first set foot out of Africa, migration has been a fundamental part of all our societies.

  6. Can no one see the irony of a British neo-Nazi, who has campaigned against Poles in the UK, giving a speech to Polish neo-Nazis? Given the war and Nazi attempts to enslave/wipe out the Polish people, I’m half surprised there are such things.

    • Thats because you believe the propaganda and want to enforce stereotypes.

    • I do see the irony. The problem is that the far right in Poland believe, or delude themselves, that the Nazis only wanted to wipe out the Jews. Much of far right politics in Poland stems from anti-Semitism and the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism. Because of the criticism of parties such as ONR and comparing them with the German Nazi party they have in recent years claim they are against Nazis as well as against Communism but the reality is very different. Their leaders dress in a militaristic style like Nazis, they salute like Nazis, they use violence and intimidation against their political opponents just like Nazis – the truth is is that they are no different to the German Nazi party or any other European fascist party.

      • What the poles do is their affair if they like the “Roman salute”up to them it means little to anyone other than left wing bigots, whose communist ideals are responsible for the deaths of 100 million people .

        • Ah yes, the old “Roman salute” defence. No matter how you try to dress it up Steve that salute is now associated with fascism and regardless of someone’s political affiliations, right or left, if you show them a picture of someone making that gesture they will associate it with fascism.

          • Fascism is when governments collude with big business and the small man gets screwed.

            Does that resemble anything to you at the moment Stan?

          • Name me a political system where the small man doesn’t get screwed?

          • The small man is getting screwed by this one thats all i know and your defending it because of something that the germans done in the1930s which has nothing to do with modern day Nationalism.

          • Get real. Modern day nationalism draws its inspiration from 1920’s and 30’s nationalism. Nothing has changed in that mindset at all.

  7. Interesting debate on here.

    I have to agree that I believe Griffin and the BNP has seen its thunder stolen by the UKIP vote. Appearing in Poland and Griffins speech seems rather odd and out of touch with a large majority in the UK I know even right of centre voters. All this English jobs for the English and Polish jobs for the Polish – seems quaintly old fashioned to me. I can only speak for myself as a parent, business owner, etc and say I want more globalisation not less. Yes it causes problems – especially with wage deflation for the low skilled – but that is an employment legislation issue and need to be fixed by a Parliament controlling its own borders and legislation there. However it appears that Brussels is tying their hands on these issues and hence many are now turning on the EU as the source of the problem – both workers and yes even business owners. Sadly the UK is having trouble with the EU as they are creating many of our problems by making over 70% of our laws and regulations whilst most of the EU politians are disconnected from real life. Globalisation offers great opportunity for everyone in European and can raise living standards but they are undermining it by taking away too much national government autonomy. This is exactly why Brussels is defacto creating the rise of nationalism and cultural problems. From an economics stand point both communism and nationalism is consigned to the dustbin. The EU has to be more democratic and let counties keep their identity whilst embracing all the best that the EU offers whether, British, Polish, French or Italian.

    • Greg, it’s not globalisation that causes wage deflation, it’s multinational corporations that cause it by forever chasing cheaper and cheaper labour in order to maximise profits. It’s also not also the low skilled who are subject to wage deflation either, it is the skilled workers too as I know from my own experiences.

      It’s not just EU politicians who are disconnected from real life either, domestic politicians can be just as disconnected. You only have to look at the current UK government where the cabinet is dominated by a bunch of ex Oxbridge public schoolboys who were born into, and lived, a life of wealth and privilege. They know nothing of the daily struggles that people who have to endure minimum wage jobs and benefit top ups to their meagre income. The EU is not responsible for this and I do not believe that the EU is responsible for the rise of nationalism either.

      In Eastern Europe the rise of nationalism can be directly traced back to the post war policy of creating countries that were almost 100% ethnically pure, ironically it was a communist régime that brought this state of affairs about thus enacting a policy that had been the goal of the pre-war far right yet today’s nationalists denounce the very régimes that enacted the main policy of the far right.

      • Good point Stan. I should have separated globalisation and the EU however they are all in part of the same problem – career Politian’s who have little understanding of the real world as they are far to removed. However I do believe from my experiences in the UK that the rise of UKIP and some nationalistic comments that is mainly supported by the skilled & unskilled working classes (hate that phrase but you know what I Mean I hope). A lot of talk seems to focus on wage deflation and foreigners – in or outside the EU.

        I also agree about the UK political elite – I have traditionally been a floating voter over the years but struggle to connect with any of them right now. Labour speak in soundbites and are economically incompetent whilst the coalition are a privileged elite with a silver spoon stuck out of their mouth. Does not inspire.

        On a side issue I travel to Krakow 4-6 times a year and have notice the differing views between young and old. Young say they are more European, whilst older say they are polish. Heard this comment many times.

        • Greg, I have to disagree with your claim that Labour are economically incompetent. They are no better or worse than the Tories. At one time there were ideological differences between the two but these days all they argue about is competency. Labour embraced the Tory agenda under Blair and they’re not exactly in a rush to change despite the incompetence of the current coalition government.

          Us Poles have always been internationalist. Being in the heart of Europe the country was always a crossroads for trade thus exposing us to various ethnicities and cultures. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the most ethnically and religiously diverse country in western and central Europe prior to the partitions, also one of the most tolerant. I think the majority of Poles would like modern Poland to be the same but unfortunately we also have the poison of nationalism to deal with and we can see from the 1930’s where nationalism leads to.

          As for Steve’s comments, well you would say that wouldn’t you but like I said before the BNP are a busted flush. I don’t expect the BNP to go away because the BNP is a very good source of personal income for Nick Griffin. The party is his own private fiefdom and the only reason it hasn’t disappeared completely is because of his MEP status but all that will change when he loses his place in the EU parliament next year.

          If I can take one small crumb of comfort from yesterday’s violence at the march in Warsaw is that people have started to call for ONR, MW and NOP to be banned. The people of Poland are finally waking up to these organisations.

          • Stan would like to ban any party other than his own, i on the other hand enjoy political diversity and look forward to the old parties disappearance and new ones taking their place.

            Its called change, people are starting to vote along ethnic lines take a look at Tower Hamlets.

          • Stan disagrees with Labour being economically challenged, what about the “Aircraft carriers without aircraft” stan?

          • by the way Stan just google “labour25” and your see what the labour party is full off.

          • I’m not a member of any party. Next!

      • I think its perfectly normal for the people of Europe to see the mess the old parties have caused and to want to change. By voting for nationalism they are exercising their democratic rights.

        That they fought for in ww2.

    • UKIP in my view are a state sponsored safety valve to take votes from the BNP
      the British public are being told that it is ok to go with UKIP meanwhile there is a media blackout on BNP.
      This will in the end go the BNP’s way when the people realise that they have been “had over” again by the political elite/media who are getting filthy rich at our (the people of Europe’s expense).
      say what you like you gotta love the the BNP for not just rolling over!

      • Ain’t no media blackout, Steve. Wasn’t Nick Griffin on the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ programme some years ago? Since then, it looks like UKIP have taken away some of his supporters. And I don’t think Mr Farage would think of his party as just a safety valve, especially not ‘state-sponsored’. He clearly wants to be in government.

        Apologies to any Polish readers. It sounds like we’re talking amongst ourselves here. I notice Mr Griffin gets a small mention in the ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. Maybe the Krakow Post was right after all, to highlight the man and his policies. I doubt if his career will revive, though. He is really on the fringes by now.

      • “UKIP in my view are a state sponsored safety valve to take votes from the BNP”

        No Steve, that’s not your view, it’s the line Gri££in has been coming out with for the last decade and you just repeat it like a parrot.

        “British Jobs For British Workers” said Gri££in? Well tell that to all the British businesses he stiffed after the 2010 GE with an offer of 20 pence in the pound. Tell that to Richard Barnbrook who Gri££in tried to fit up after he faked a load of Barking election expense reciepts as being paid when they weren’t (all charges dropped of course). Tell that to David Sloane of Romac press. He got 2 years in prison for making a few threatening phone calls and texts to the Gri££in Family Business (aka the BNP) after his business was bankrupted by Gri££in.

        If Gri££in isn’t directly working for the state then he must surely be protected by them.

        • Barnbrook failed to take the leadership then went independent took away the GLA seat, a drunkard and an dyslexic idiotic womaniser.

          Barnbrook now is wandering around in the political wilderness.

          • “Barnbrook failed to take the leadership”???

            What does that mean? When did Richard Barnbrook challenge for the leadership?

            (the answer is never)

          • Just goes to show you know little about a party you once supported.
            In 2010 after the election disappointment Barnbrook challenged for the leadership and only got 5 signatures on his nomination paper he was beaten by Eddie Butler who also failed to get enough nominations.

  8. The problem the left has is that its bankrupted Europe and the Nationalists are coming together all over Europe to protect their identity and are uniting with Russia backing them.

    Meanwhile the lefties have jumped into bed with muslim extremists and everyone knows where that will end for them!

    • You must live in BNP ‘online activists’ dreamworld. Nationalists all over Europe are in disagreement over all sorts of things. But that doesn’t really matter because self-determination is what it’s really all about. As long as we all work to leave the EU.

      As for Russia backing European nationalism… WTF?

      As someone said previously, Gri££in is just flailing about. He’s trying to latch on to other more successful nationalist parties in Europe in the desperate hope he can bathe in their glow. He’s a floater that will not flush.

      • Im not a dreamer or a online activist, but i noticed that Griffin played a major role in stopping the bombing of syria.
        He wrote the letter on their(syria) behalf to the British parliament, i have a open mind and don’t go for BNP or Griffin bashing thats all.

        • Are you THAT DIM that you bought into Gri££in’s lie that he helped stop the attempted war on Syria?

          The only evidence for that was from Gri££in himself, along with a big load of demands for donations… as always.

          And don’t ask where those millions supposedly raised in 2008/2009 went or you’ll be accused of being a searchlight spy and a plotter or malcontent.

          • Go away and put your desenting propaganda onto someone else, go and join BDP the conga party.

          • Why don’t you go away you con-artist supporting moron.

            Gri££in the ass-clown stands in the way of a true British Nationalist uprising. He’s there to hold us back.

          • I think you should stop that kind of talk,the BNP is the only house hold name in Nationalism within the UK.
            Don’t let it get down to personalities.

      • That could lose in translation…

        • The Polish nationalists, singing the Mazurek Dąbrowskiego, need to ask themselves what their grandfathers (and in some cases grandmothers), who fought against the Nazis at Narvik, at Cassino, at Tobruk, at Arnhem, at Falaise and countless other battles or in the Warsaw Uprising would have thought of their behaviour.

          German television has recently portrayed the Armia Krajowa as little more than anti-Semitic thugs. We all know that this was an extremely unfair picture, but the demonstrators who aligned themselves with known fascist groups the other day are only giving fuel to the extremely negative image outsiders are beginning to have of Polish nationalism.

          Someone mentioned the ancient Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, probably the most enlightened state in Europe in its time. Now there was Polish nationalism at its finest. Why? Because it was generous, inclusive and welcoming. QED

          • don’t expect the marxist nutters on here like Stan to acknowledge nationalism can be positive.

            Stan just repeats the mantra all nationalists are racist,fascist,nazi,bigots that killed 6 million jews.

            racist is code word for anti white.

          • Steve – I’ve just re-read Stan’s posts and I can’t find any suggestion that he’s sympathetic to Marxism. He sounds like both a European and a Polish patriot at the same time, which is probably not a very unique combination these days.

            We’re going to have to disagree about a lot of things but where I would agree with you is that nationalism should not be a dirty word.

            You mention further down about taking away people’s identity. Now – have you got time for a bit of history?

            Personally, I’ve got a lot of time for Winston Churchill. He was a lone inspirational voice in the darkest days of WWII and kept a lot of people believing in ultimate victory; he made sure that Polish ex-servicemen and women who stayed in the UK were looked after in their old age; but many Polish nationalists accuse him of selling out Poland to the USSR at Yalta, therefore not all Poles love the Brits, especially the older generation.

            Poland’s identity was pretty much taken away at Yalta. Any thoughts on why an unwilling nation became forced to be Marxist?

          • I have no time for Churchill he took us to war with the germans when we went ready for the sake of Poland.
            he was advised by Mosely to let Hitler go and retake what he thought was prussian/german,austro /hungarian if you like.

            and that because of these actions he would have to fight the Russians in the end.
            meanwhile we would of been able to prepare much better and attacked his rear but no Churchill wanted to be a hero.
            so my great uncle got captured by Japs with 65,000 brits at singapore and spent rest of war building bridges and railways, we lost the whole far east empire and never got it back Churchill could not support the troops in the far east and in the end he let the Commie raping red army have Poland.

            thats my take the great churchill!

          • I think Zorba meant patriotism not nationalism, very different concepts indeed especially when referring to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which was a multi ethnic and religiously diverse state.

            So now I’m a Marxist nutter? You’re trying really hard to pin a label on me, aren’t you Steve? If you want to pin one on me why not try secularist.

          • “so my great uncle got captured by Japs with 65,000 brits at singapore and spent rest of war building bridges and railways, we lost the whole far east empire and never got it back ”

            My my Steve, one minute you claim you want people to stay in their own countries and the next you’re complaining about the Brits being kicked out of their colonies in South East Asia. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised you’re floundering around like your hero Gri££in, you’ve been struggling to keep up ever since this story was first published. :)

  9. This sort of stuff : “Poland for the Polish”; “Foreigners go home” etc etc gives me the shivers. It reminds me of Nazi propaganda of the 1930’s. And we all know what came out of that. Do these highly primitive and dangerous men like Kaczynski, Orbán and their likes really want to create a climate of hate for the purpose of their own power-games ? We all are foreigners, whether we like the idea or not. Without acceptance of the unusual we are doomed to get involved in aggression, killing even. War again ? Is that what we like ?
    Think twice (trice, if needed) and wake up. Do something against new forms of racism !
    Nothing wrong with patriotic feelings : nationalistic propaganda, however : NO.
    People’s memory is of a remarkable short-lived nature. Did we forget 1933 and the catastrophe after ? Specially Poland should realise what this meant for their country (still felt today…).

    • The point is that when you take away peoples identity and make them feel like the german people felt in the 1930’s you end up re-creating the same problems all over again.

      listen to the people they don’t want whats being forced on them.

      • You do struggle with history, don’t you Steve? No one took away the identity of the German people, in fact “German” identity was very much a new concept for most of them considering prior to 1871 Germany as a country did not exist.

        • Stan any one who wants to support white Genocide gets attacked because I’m white my whole family is white and we like it. we also like the diversity of different races and want them to survive intact thats a true supporter of diversity.

          i don’t struggle with history Stan, just your versions.

          • The only “white genocide” is in your head and that of other right wing fantasists. The white man has probably been responsible for more genocide than any other, although why colour of skin should matter is a little beyond me, but then again like all others of your ilk it doesn’t surprise me that you bang on about skin colour because your sort have a superiority complex based on skin colour which complements your normal racist tendencies.

            I have no doubt you will have labelled me a race traitor as well as being a Marxist.

          • I don’t need to label you Stan your doing just fine on your own.
            Your typical leftie when you lose the debate shout “racist” and close it down that way you appear to get the final word and can claim victory.

            You have had the privilege of a left wing inspired education and now feel ashamed of your own self and people.

            You need to break free because its a wonderful thing not having to be on auto pilot.
            Recommended reading for Stan is “Free Thinking for Dummies 101”

          • I don’t feel ashamed of myself at all. The only people that make me feel any shame are racist, xenophobic fascists who present their extremely narrow minded and intolerant ideas of what my country’s culture and way of life is all about.

            You all fail to see that national culture changes by itself as outside influences are absorbed and given that unique twist individual to that particular country. You can’t escape it; food, language, clothing, religion etc etc etc the world over all have influences brought about by centuries of trade, movement of peoples and today the free, easy and open access of information via the internet.

            I am afraid it is you who lost the argument the very minute you spoke up in defence of the BNP and Nick Griffin, you further undermined yourself when you started banging on about white genocide, left wing cranks and Muslim extremists. If anyone needs to read anything about free thinking it’s you and your ilk.

          • By the way i have a mind of my own and won’t be oppressed by anyone no matter what their race,
            that does not make me any of your above lefty slurs.

          • No one buys this failed multicultural enforcement crap anymore unless your name is silly Stan.

          • I just re read Stans 2nd paragraph again and can’t stop laughing .


          • Interesting choice of video link but I think it proves a point that was made about food. The potato was introduced into Europe towards the end of the 16th century from South America and has become a staple food of every European country. The now traditional English dish of fish and chips owes its existence to a combination of a South American plant and deep fried battered fish introduced into England by Jewish immigrants from Southern Spain and Portugal. Even the Polish love of potato pancakes has a Jewish influence.

  10. James A. Michener, author of the book “Poland” wrote therein: “The most dangerous thing a young man can do when he’s trying to sort out the world is to apply a situation in one country to some other where it doesn’t apply.” Mr. Nick Griffin is portrayed as a nothing-burger in the above comments. So leave it at that.

    • By the usual collection of BNP haters, white genocidists,and left wing cranks who really should blame and vent on their own failed politicians.

      • There is no hate intended here. The 21st century reality is that there are some who go jawboning around the world where they do not belong. Have confidence that good will prevail when evil struts its stuff.

        • Well lets just call them the “walking dead” then sue, they bitch about everything thats goes wrong for them but they keep voting for it.

    • Sue, welcome to the discussion. Or should I say welcome to the street fight. No doubt Mr Griffin would be complimented to think he was being described as a ‘young man’. Am I right to assume you’re from the USA? A country, for all its faults, which is light years ahead of all the rest. Check the POTUS. Check the new mayor of NYC. I have good memories of the American education system. The Yanks may have been relatively late coming into the war, but without you, we wouldn’t have clobbered the nasties.

      “How dangerous is it that this man goes loose!” (Hamlet act IV scene III)

      • Hows is the USA light years ahead of all the rest? the american people are stuck with a do-oppoly political system that drags them into wars and are a 16 trillion in debt.even Griffin couldn’t do that much damage!

        • Cool your jets, Steve. Life is too short to pull other countries into this Griffin discussion. Have a pickle and enjoy the new day.

  11. I’ve corrected the ‘Shakespearean’ BTW (there was an ‘a’ missing)

    So you’re admitting that Griffin has done some damage…. hmm…. very interesting, as Arte Johnson used to say in Rowan and Martin’s ‘Laugh-In’.

    • ‘The time has come’, the walrus said.

      Even Steve is beginning to talk gibberish at this hour. What do you say, Charles Foster Kane? Time to pull the plug on this discussion? Even the Guardian says ‘this discussion is closed’ when the arguments fizzle out.

    • Whatever damage Griffin has done its been to himself and the BNP which he has corrected and not asked the British tax payer to pick up the tab. According to the Electoral commission the BNP is the only solvent party in British politics. ie has money in cash in its bank accounts and no outstanding creditors.

      Now on the other hand take a look at the old Parties accounts and you will notice the financial similarities to the state of the countries i.e. insolvent and on the verge of bankruptcy.

      So when your friend or relative loses their benefits,job,house,pension etc remind them about 1930’s german politics of 80 years ago and that you get what you vote for.
      I’m sure they will see the connection!

  12. Heres some Demograhpics for you Stan

    From ONS figures:
    Percentage of white British in selected urban authorites in 2001 and 2011
    Bedford 80.8% (2001) – > 71.5% (2011)
    Birmingham 65.6% (2001) – > 53.1% (2011)
    Blackburn 76.1% (2001) – > 66.5% (2011)
    Bristol 88.0% (2001) – > 77.9% (2011)
    Bradford 76.1% (2001) – > 63.9% (2011)
    Brighton 88.0% (2001) – > 80.5% (2011)
    Bournemouth 92.5% (2001) – > 83.8% (2011)
    Cardiff 88.3% (2001) – > 80.3% (2011)
    Cambridge 78.5% (2001) – > 66.0% (2011)
    Coventry 78.3% (2001) – > 66.6% (2011)
    Crawley 84.5% (2001) – > 72.1% (2011)
    Derby 84.4% (2001) – > 75.3% (2011)
    Gravesham 87.2% (2001) – > 77.1% (2011)
    Ipswich 90.8% (2001) – > 82.9% (2011)
    Kirklees 83.7% (2001) – > 76.7% (2011)
    Leeds 89.2% (2001) – > 81.1% (2011)
    Leicester 60.5% (2001) – > 45.1% (2011)
    Liverpool 91.8% (2001) – > 84.8 (2011)
    Luton 65.0% (2001) – > 44.6% (2011)
    Manchester 74.5% (2001) – > 59.3% (2011)
    Milton Keynes 86.8% (2001) – > 73.9% (2011)
    Newcastle 90.7% (2001) – > 81.9% (2011)
    Northampton 87.7% (2001) – > 76.6% (2011)
    Norwich 93.5% (2001) – > 84.7% (2011)
    Nottingham 81.1% (2001) – > 65.4% (2011)
    Oxford 76.8% (2001) – > 63.6% (2011)
    Peterborough 85.75 (2001) – > 70.9% (2011
    Portsmouth 91.9% (2001) – > 84.0% (2011)
    Preston 83.1% (2001) – > 75.8% (2011)
    Reading 80.6% (2001) – > 65.3% (2011)
    Sandwell 78.0% (2001) – > 65.8% (2011)
    Sheffield 89.2% (2001) – > 80.8% (2011)
    Slough 58.3% (2001) – > 34.5% (2011)
    Southampton 88.7% (2001) – > 77.7% (2011)
    Swansea 95.7% (2001) – > 91.5% (2011)
    Walsall 85.2% (2001) – > 76.9% (2011)
    Wolverhampton 75.4% (2001) – > 64.5% (2011)
    Wycombe 83.6% (2001) – > 75.9% (2011
    Percentage of white British in London boroughs 2001 and 2011
    Barking and Dagenham 80.9% (2001) – > 49.5% (2011)
    Barnet 59.9% (2001) – > 45.5% (2011)
    Bexley 88.0% (2001) – > 77.3% (2011)
    Brent 29.2.% (2001) – > 18.0% (2011)
    Bromley 86.5% (2001) – > 77.4% (2011)
    Camden 52.7% (2001) – > 44.0% (2011)
    City of London 68.3% (2001) – > 57.5% (2011)
    Croydon 63.7% (2001) – > 47.3% (2011)
    Ealing 44.9% (2001) – > 30.4% (2011)
    Enfield 61.2% (2001) – > 40.5% (2011)
    Greenwich 70.6% (2001) – > 52.3% (2011)
    Hackney 44.1% (2001) – > 36.2% (2011)
    Hammersmith & Fulham 58.0% (2001) – > 44.9% (2011)
    Haringey 45.3% (2001) – > 34.7% (2011)
    Haringey 45.3% (2001) – > 34.7% (2011)
    Harrow 49.9% (2001) – > 30.9% (2011)
    Havering 92.0% (2001) – > 83.3% (2011)
    Hillingdon 72.5% (2001) – > 52.2% (2011)
    Hounslow 55.8% (2001) – > 37.9% (2011)
    Islington 56.8% (2001) – > 47.7% (2011)
    Kensington & Chelsea 50.1% (2001) – > 39.3% (2011)
    Kingston upon Thames 75.9% (2001) – > 63.1% (2011)
    Lambeth 49.6% (2001) – > 39.0% (2011)
    Lewisham 57.0% (2001) – > 41.5% (2011)
    Merton 64.0% (2001) – > 48.4% (2011)
    Newham 33.8% (2001) – > 16.7% (2011)
    Redbridge 57.5% (2001) – > 34.5% (2011)
    Richmond upon Thames 78.7% (2001) – > 71.4% (2011)Southwark 52.2% (2001) – > 39.7% (2011)
    Sutton 83.7% (2001) – > 70.9% (2011)
    Tower Hamlets 42.9% (2001) – > 31.2% (2011)
    Waltham Forest 55.7% (2001) – > 36.0% (2011)
    Wandsworth 64.8% (2001) – > 53.3% (2011)
    Westminster 48.5% (2001) – > 35.2% (2011)

    • Wasn’t it Maggie Thatcher who talked about the ‘oxygen of publicity’? Shall we just leave him standing talking to one man and his dog, like the ranters at Speaker’s Corner?

      • Sometimes letting them have their say exposes their narrow minded thinking. They tend to forget the old saying “When in a hole, stop digging” :D

        • Zostawmy go bracie.

          If the Krakow Post won’t shut this down, then let’s leave him to his ranting.

          Spotkajmy sie gdzieś na piwo…

          • Meglio che sarebbe l’ultima parola.

            Otherwise this could go on for eternity. Capiche?

          • Slucham cie. Nie mowie nic wiecej. Byloby milo cie poznac na piwo :)

          • Not planning on shutting anything down. We’d like to thank all the participants in this conversation for sticking to civilised language, despite their strong opinions – not something you often see.

  13. Just reading some of the comments being made here by British Nationalists, It seems you people feel Britain is finally ready to relinquish any of their remaining foreign interests. To support your simple rhetoric of “Britain for the British” and “Poland for the Poles”, You should possibly call on your Govermnent to immediately evacuate all foreign territories. Territories that the British Empire once plundered and unleashed cultural genocide. A lot of ‘British Nationalists’ seem to be very proud of this part of their history.

    Just to sign off in the same simplicity that seems to be commonplace amongst most of you here,
    Ireland for the Irish.

    Tiocfaidh ár lá.

    • Irish for the Irish is ok by me after all thats why its called Ireland, the land that belongs to the Irish.
      There are individuals on here that talk about the UK giving up its interests abroad as if it was something that Griffin and the BNP are responsible for.
      All along its their mainstream parties that enforce the interests of occupation.

      • and get your soldiers out of Afghanistan also.

        • If you knew anything about Griffin and the BNP and i don’t mean the stereotyping you hear 24/7.
          You would already know that they are against foreign wars.

          • reminds me of the small hours of a party where the drunken uncle gets hold of the karaoke microphone and keeps singing frank sinatra’s “my way”

          • I agree great parties fantastic family atmosphere with all your own.
            can’t beat it.

          • Steve,

            I assume you are British by some of your comments above. You more than likey live in Poland seen as how you are on this page.

            If this is true, Please practice what you preach and get out of my country immediately. There’s no place here for the likes of you, so please go home and be with your own.

            This should not in any way be offensive to you as it is your true belief.

          • Steve,

            I assume you are British by some of your comments above. You more than likey live in Poland seen as how you are on this page.

            If this is true, Please practice what you preach and get out of my country immediately. There’s no place here for the likes of you, so please go home and be with your own.

            This should not in any way be offensive to you as it is your true belief.

          • You are wrong i do not live in Poland although i understand its a lovely harmogonous country,
            when it looks like london then talk to me. I’m an indigenous british londoner and in not even recognised in my own city people ask me “where are you from”

  14. […] Re: 'Islamization of Europe a good thing' (Rabbi) googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1326644231210-2'); }); . Zionist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies What the heck is Barbara Spectre's motivation? How Zionists Divide and Conquer Nick Griffin: Zionists want to destroy us […]

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