AGH Opens Pavilion Worth 7mln Złoty

“Thanks to money from the ministry,” said Prof. Antoni Tajdus, the rector of the AGH, “we can see that our university becomes more beautiful. The new lecture halls and laboratories will improve conditions for both students and staff.”

The number of students who have decided to study one of the five specializations available in the department is growing from year to year. More than 5,000 students are learning about such things as high-speed networking and services to the e-world.

The dean of the faculty of electrical, automatic control, computer and electronic engineering (Department of Telecommunications is part of this group), Prof. Tomasz Sznuc, said during the opening ceremony that “this new pavilion will solve the problems with the lecture halls that we had before.”

Students from throughout the AGH agree that the new facilities bode well for the future.

Student Michal Soltyniak said: “The new pavilions are always built with high-tech laboratories, a great value since technology is changing at a fast rate. We will have well-educated students, and that will benefit our futures.”

“Our building isn’t as modern as this new pavilion,” said Dominik
Wojcik, a fifth-year student in mining and geoengineering.

“However, our building has specific history and atmosphere thanks to the end-term examinations when all students are working by the sweat of their brows. The new pavilion will have to work to acquire such an extraordinary atmosphere.”

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