Prostitutes see world of opportunity in Euro 2012

There are also handouts in English, which are intended to attract foreign tourists.

Warsaw, which plays host to the Euro 2012 still doesn’t have either a stadium, beltway, new subway line or airport in Modlin, which should have been ready no later than 2010. But not all preparations are going so slowly. Representatives of the world’s oldest profession don’t waste their time. They have already been using Euro 2012 to make money, according to Zycie Warszawy.

Big sports events attract millions of FANS from all over the world. In addition to the excitement on the field, the quest for championships is also big business.

For the sex-business it is also a kind of windfall. It is hard to estimate how many call girls, prostitutes and brothels count on big profits from Euro 2012. There are about 25,000 sex workers doing this work in Warsaw, but this number will surely increase, just like it was during last championships in Germany. More than 40,000 sex workers, overwhelmingly women, went there two years ago.

It looks like it will be the same in Poland. Prostitutes will come mostly from Bulgaria, Romania and former Soviet Union countries. This problem has existed for many years, and few have been able to remedy the problem.

“It is not our job to deal with this,” Zbigniew Kozminski, spokesman of the Polish Football Association (PFA), told Zycie Warszawy. “This problem hasn’t been discussed by UEFA either, but as soon as we receive some directives in this regard we will toe the line.”

Advertising sexual services is also a big problem for Warsaw authorities.

Handouts, especially if they are aimed at tourists, harm the
city’s image. The problem of sex-advertisements is something local autonomy authorities have been unable to deal with for many years. They see no solution this time either. Even catching people “in flagrante delicto” puts only a small dent in the overall problem.

The handouts’ authors, owners of one of the prostitute agencies, don’t like publicity. Having been interrogated by journalists of Zycie Warszawy they tried to convince them that it was just a joke. They didn’t even want to say if the advertising works.

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