Eviction of Rebellious Nuns from Kazimierz Dolny

This unprecedented incident took place under the watchful eye of cameras from numerous TV channels, being simultaneously transmitted by the Internet portals.

Despite the expectations of the crowd, nothing sensational happened. The evictions began at 09:00 on Oct. 10 and proceeded quickly and efficiently. A group of ex-nuns was situated on the first floor of the building. Women were playing guitars and singing religious songs.

When police tried to move out Sister Jadwiga Ligocka and Father Roman Komaryczko, the atmosphere became tense because of Komaryczko’s aggressive behavior. When the ex-nuns were separated from Sister Ligocka, they calmed down.

Then they were taken to retreat houses in Lublin, Naleczow and Dabrownica. Komaryczko and Ligocka, are under suspicion of “disturbance of domestic peace.” They were arrested and issued a police citation.

Jozef Zycinski, the archibishop of Lublin, described the evictions as an “escape from a blind lane.” The conflict between the ex-nuns and the Catholic Church officials has continued for two years. The women repeatedly refused to accept church directives, which caused their dismissals from the order and exclusion from communion. Until the evictions, the former nuns had defied both the Vatican’s and court’s orders to leave the convent. The women were under the strong influence of their mother superior, Jadwiga Ligocka (a nun formerly), who was dismissed from the order, and the ex-monk, Father Roman Komaryczko. Within two days of the evictions, some of the ex-nuns attempted to return to the convent. This strange story may not be finished yet.

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