“Red Bull Box Gallery” at Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw

The organizers of this exhibition have invited well-known artists, great designers and young talents to take part in “Red Bull Box Gallery.”

The artists were free to determine their own technics and how much work to turn out. They could realized their own artistic vision in creating the boxes.

Among artists taking part in were Pawel Kozlowski “Swanski,” Warsaw Creative, Collective Massmix, Krystian Czaplicki “Truth,” Gdansk group PGR ART, Mariusz Waras “M-City,” Flying Gallery Szu Szu (Ivo Nikic, Karol Radziszewski and Piotr Kopik) and Slimaq, the only woman in this group. They designed their own versions of boxes for 24 tins of Red Bull energizing drink.

This limited edition of 100 boxes is not for sale. The whole exhibition, called simply “Red Bull Box Gallery,” is on display in the Laboratory of Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw until next Sunday.

The idea behind the project was to make regular packaging a piece of art. How to do it? The best way is to put the idea into the hands of artists, who will see new dimensions.
This was how a project to make a special box containing 24 tins of red bull came into being. The project has evolved from the simple idea of making “pretty boxes” into “Red Box Gallery” ? a platform of artistic expression that associates various personalities, different styles and esthetics.

Artists invited to this project were asked to design a pattern of boxes, every one of which was to have only a few copies. Kozlowski was the first to prepare his designs. As in one year time this number increased to over 100 different designs which may be seen now on the exhibition.

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