Ludwig Dorn’s Pet Dog Ruins State Property

When Ludwik Dorn became a chancellor two years ago, he decided to live in the chancellor’s residence, instead of in his newly finished home. For some peculiar reason, he did not go for walks with his pet, letting her only run free in the garden. As an informer states, the dog was going mad inside the house and began destroying furniture, including a sofa and two armchairs.The new chancellor, Janusz Kaczmarek had to buy new furniture, as it was obviously embarrassing to invite anybody inside.

The chancellor has justified the new purchase as “a standard need.”This is, however, not the first incident with the chancellors pet. The confusion began when then-chancellor Dorn took Saba, the schnauzer, into the parliament. Ever since, the dog has been a guest there, taking care of Government Security Bureau’s (BOR) officers, or other employees of the chancellery.In the course of the election campaign, the left wing party, LiD, used the incident with Saba in their election spot, pointing out the chancellor’s inappropriate and unjust behavior.

As a response, Ludwik Dorn is considering suing LiD for giving false information. According to Dorn, the dog would have started the suit on its own account, but it hasn’t had the opportunity.

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