EU money to boost Polish economy

The EU funds will be expended on development programs in five voivodships (Polish regions) along with key initiatives, “Innovative Economy” and “Development of Eastern Poland

Roughly 6.7 bln euro was signed-off on by Huebner in September for five other voivodships which are to be implemented and completed between 2007 and 2013. The “Innovative Economy” program is expected to increase funding of economic related research by 100 percent, creating 70,000 new jobs in Poland.

An additional effect of the program is an upturn in tourist numbers visiting Poland from 15 to 21 mln people yearly. The”Development of Eastern Poland” program is targeting communication infrastructure in Poland’s eastern regions, such as road improvement and expanding internet access across the region.

If all of Poland’s development program submissions to the EU are successful, they are required to expend the requested 67 bln euro by 2013. As yet, the largest program “Infrastructure and Environment” is still awaiting approval. The 2013 timeline is seen as problematic by Huebner who emphasized that it will not be easy for the regional and central government authorities to spend this money in accordance with all the EU guidelines.

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