Five-year-old Polish girl killed near Naples

Karolina, the daughter of Polish immigrants, was killed in a shooting incident Saturday night in San Paolo Belsito, in the Naples province.
32-year-old perpetrator, Alessandro R. was arrested, after he turned himself over to the police and confessed his guilt.

According to Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica, the Polish family was quite well integrated into the local society and did not disturb anybody. They had three children: Karolina, the oldest, and two boys aged 3 years and 18 months.
The newspaper reported that Jan Z., Karolina?s father, did not take part in the earlier quarrel which spurred the tragic incident.

The trouble started inside a pub late Friday evening. Two Poles and two Italians, Alessandro among them, argued about a space at the counter. The argument over those ?stolen? centimeters soon escalated into a fist fight. Several minutes later, the two Polish immigrants went to visit the residence of Karolina?s parents.

The matter was not finished for Alessandro. He saw where they went and decided to teach them a lesson. He went to his house, took a gun and followed the immigrants.
Alessandro arrived at the door of Jan?s family residence and shot twice. He later told police that he only wanted to frighten them. In the house of Karolina the drama exploded. One of the bullets struck the girl?s head. Jan Z. ran outside the building, screaming and fruitlessly asked his neighbors for help.

The ambulance arrived too late to help Karolina. She died on the way to hospital in Nola. The parents are so disappointed in the indifferent reaction of their Italian neighbors, they want to return with their children to Poland as soon as possible.
Don Vincenzo Vecchione, the parish priest of the church of San Paolo Hermit, promised to help transfer the girl?s body to Poland. Alessandro R., who ran from the scene, turned himself over to the police a few hours later. The case is now under investigation by the Italian police.
Next month, would have been Karolina?s 6th birthday

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