New rules for Rynek

Last week Krakow city council officials accepted a new, liberal regulation for marketplaces in town. In addition to being able to sell alcohol and other concessions in front of their shops, they will be allowed to remain open until late at night. According to the Gazeta Wyborrcza, shops located on the Rynek Nowy may remain open until two in the morning. This has provoked a concerned response among Rynek Nowy residents and business owners.

A protest letter was written and published in the Gazeta Wyborcza pleading, “This type of a decision is a death sentence for the residents and owners of the hotels in Rynek Nowy. Summer nights are already a nightmare, and it is difficult to imagine how our lives will look come spring.” Because the noise regulation, which remains in effect from 10:00 until 06:00 will be affected by this new late-night law in Rynek Nowy, residents are afraid that their sleep and privacy will be negatively affected.

Another new regulation is lifting the ban against chemists, hunters, and bookmakers setting up shop in the marketplace. According to the new regulations, there is no differentiation between the selling of industrial or consumable goods. In fact, five percent of merchants at the square will have no assurance of securing a spot in the vending square. This leaves vendors, such as the elderly lady who sells flowers from her garden, to fend for herself. The new law was introduced to Krakow in October 2007.

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