Lifesavers on bicycles

Emergency Medical Technicians have come up with an idea on how to help tourists and citizens of Krakow, who flood the city center, in case of an emergency. As the ambulances are often held up in traffic jams, local lifesavers suggested acquiring bicycles, reported the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

There has been an influx of tourists in Krakow lately, and many roads are being renovated. As a result, the idea may soon become a reality. Rescuers on bikes may soon be waiting on call in the most congested points of Krakow. It would be the responsibility of the lifesavers to stabilize the vitals of the patient until the paramedics arrive on the scene; if blood circulation stops each minute becomes crucial.

Physicians’ assistants, medical students, and nursing students have enthusiastically accepted the concept of medics on bikes. Their only concern involves how they will acquire said bicycles and where they can station them. Two to four bicycles are needed plus the medical equipment, costing an altogether sum of at least 15,000-20,000 zloty (4,000-5,500 euro).

The local government is ready to help, informed Grazyna Leja, a representative for the tourism affairs and marketing board of Krakow. “It is a very interesting idea, because almost 9 mln tourists come to Krakow. We have to take care of them from the medical side as well,” she told Gazeta Wyborcza. “As we are preparing for the next season, we must have these lifesavers. Right now I’m starting to look for money in order to buy bicycles,” concluded Leja.

The only question left, is who will provide the financial support for this medical service? The regulation act clearly states that it can only finance the most common mode of sanitary transportation – the ambulance. Until monetary expenses can be resolved, Krakow’s city center will remain without bicycle rescuers.

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