Poland’s Tatra Mountains bears leave caves after winter sleep, makes way down Tatra Mountains to Kuznice

A she-bear called Siwa was seen with two of her cubs coming down the Tatra Mountains to Kuznice, at the base of Mt. Kasprowy Wierch. Park rangers explain that this means that bears have decided to wake up and welcome the spring in Poland. The bears are searching for food after their long winter?s sleep.

Siwa is well-known to tourists and inhabitants of the Tatra Mountains, as she is not afraid of people or aggressive.

?They left the caves after the winter sleep. You can meet bears on the tourist tracks now,? says Filip Zieba, who works in Tatra National Park, where he studies the life of predators. ?It is better not to share food with them. Just keep a safe distance and move away quietly and slowly.?

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