Ryanair to open Bristol connection

In November, Ryanair Airlines will open new flights from Pyrzowice Airport to Bristol. Ryanair was Europe’s original low fares airline, and despite many other discount airlines, it still remains Europe’s largest low fares carrier, with over 26 destinations.

This year, as the rapid growth of Ryanair continues to sweep across Europe, the management of this airline has announced some new facilities in Duesseldorf and Bristol. But the cutthroat competition between low fare airlines has been quite aggressive.

In just a few years, approximately eight different carriers have appeared flying Poland’s friendly skies. Ryanair, an Irish-based airline is the biggest, with Norwegian Airlines, EasyJet, SkyEurope, and Wizzair all in close second. Polish airlines such as Centralwings, which offers flights from most Polish airports (Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw and Szczecin), is close in the race for friendly competition.

This year, Sterling, another low fare carrier from Denmark, appeared on an already crowded Polish airline market. Its route began in Krakow-Balice with a connection flight to Copenhagen. In turn, Krakow has gained connection with all four Scandinavian capitols. Since September, Norwegian Airlines has been serving Oslo and Stockholm. Finnair offers flights to Helsinki and back.

All of the aforementioned airlines have offered affordable flights and have accommodated a significant number of passengers, causing much conflict in the airline market. Ryanair is a potentate in the business, and continues to offer affordable flights from Bydgoszcz, Gdansk, Katowice, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wroclaw. Ryanair planes also travel to London, Liverpool, Dublin and Glasgow. It makes one wonder what is the source for the rapid development of inexpensive airline carriers?

The most evident answer must be that both the airline and the passenger benefit from these circumstances. The carrier earns a reasonable profit, and the passenger does not put a strain on his or her pocketbook. Expensive flights offered by big airline companies such as LOT, Lufthansa or British Airways are not available for average consumers, at least not ones in Poland. Therefore, they often have so-called “empty flights,” which are a great expense for the company. This is why tickets are usually more costly.

Smaller companies that have appeared recently, have lower expenses. They offer lower fares for flights and are not concerned with having “empty flights.” As Gazeta Wyborcza reports, only two weeks before the planned opening of connections to Bristol, Ryanair and Pyrzowice Airport managements are going to meet to finalize the negotiations. As for today however, it is known that both sides can’t meet a compromise. It is not sure if they will sign a settlement, but more people wish to travel by plane as it has become more accessible.

Tomasz Kuakowski, marketing manager of Ryanair, comments on the cutthroat state of affairs saying, “there is no such threat that Ryanair will not begin from Pyrzowice in November, even if the settlement is not finalized.”

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