Last weekend of September full of museum adventure in Malopolska

Eight Malopolska Province museums and the Malopolski Institute of Culture are teaming up this weekend to offer a unique way to learn about the region’s history and culture. Visitors will be able to learn how to weave, make perfume, even drive a train.

Museums in Andrychow, Biecz, Chabowka, Stroze, Szczucin, Wadowice, Zalipie and Zubrzyca will take part in the event, known as “Muzeobranie – Weekend of Discoveries.” For the first time in the history of the annual affair, access to some programs has been made available to disabled people.

“Interactive” is a museum byword these days, and the Muzeobranie museums are determined to offer visitors an interactive experience. History lovers will be able to use specially prepared guidebooks to “guide themselves” through displays, take part in interesting workshops, watch movies, listen to the lectures of local historians or join guided tours. There will be something for everyone – adults and children, visitors coming alone and families.

The Andrychow Musuem will show historical weaving techniques and organize weaving workshops. The region’s inhabitants are famous for extraordinary handmade clothes, sold in European and Asian countries since the 18th Century.

In the Biecz Museum visitors can check out the oldest pharmacy in southern Poland, discover the effectiveness of herbal medicines and make their own perfumes. The museum will also offer visitors a chance to develop their artistic talents by making stained glass.

In the open-air museum at Chabowka, visitors can examine historical wagons or take a short spin in a narrow-gauge railway through picturesque mountains. Some of them will even get a chance to drive the locomotive.

The museum of Apiculture, or Beekeeping, in Stroze will acquaint visitors with Slavic beekeeping traditions. Experts will discuss how to take care of the bees and hives and relate the history of the profession. Children will be able to make candles of beeswax and bake gingerbread.

Visitors to the Wadowice Museum will discover the abstract art of Karol Pustelnik and be able to take part in open-air painting workshops held close to the Emil Zegadlowicz manor.

The Felicja Curylowa Farm House Museum in Zalipie will feature painters who can present traditional techniques. Visitors will also be able to taste the regional cuisine.

The Orawski Ethnographical Park in Zubrzyca will organize workshops of folk music and traditional songs. Visitors will also be able to make their own herbal compositions and bake cakes according to old recipes. And those are only a small part of the weekend’s attractions.

The Malopolski Institute of Culture has organized “Muzeobranie” since 2004. It started with just Krakow museums. It was so popular, however, that it expanded to cities throughout the province.

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