New tourist signs on Silesian routes

The Silesian Tourist Organization (SOT) has placed another several tourist signs along Voivodship’s roads to inform drivers of monuments and tourist attractions on their travels. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the whole region of Silesia will have more than 300 signs, compared to the 48 signs placed along the same road last year.

“The idea of sign posting is to compose a logistic chain of signs,” stated Agnieska Sikorska, from the SOT, in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza. The concept behind the series of signs, according to Sikorska is so that when one reaches a certain destination, they will find information as how to reach another attraction of interest on the way.

Tourists visiting Poland should feel and safe and comfortable on polish roads due to the adequate posting of signs along the highways. People traveling by vehicle can easily spot the brown signs indicating what attraction lies ahead. These signs are conveniently placed at the beginning of the travel route to help tourists on their sightseeing’s.

The images on these signs are a silhouette of the location of interest, its name, symbol, and direction in which it can be found. The informative and commercial value of these signs promote the region by attracting tourists from all over the country to various monuments along with the fastest, easiest, and safest way to reach each destination. The convenience of these postings encourages visitors to stop by and enjoy the attractions that they would normally miss while visiting in Poland.

Although an increase of these signs will be made this year on the Silesian routes, the paperwork and applications that must be prepared is not an easy, nor an inexpensive matter. New tourist signs cost over 200,000 zloty to be installed, and the Ministry of Economy has already designated the SOT 135,000 zloty for the new installations. The remaining amount of money, approximately 100,000 zloty, which is needed to finish the project, must be provided by the SOT.

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