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  • November 6, 2012 at 4:56 am

    more powerful product -Acoustic and Blinding Dispersing System could be adopted
    The vehicle-mounted acoustic and blinding dispersing system is designed for disposing massive group event. Strong noise (changeable according to the different customs) emitted from the acoustic dispersing system and the strobe light and changeable color spectrum emitted from the lighting dispersing system which made crowd feel sick, dizzy and glare in the certain area to get the effect of dispersing and deterrent.

    The ALAD03 Advantage
    High intelligible speech transmissions about 9300m
    Acoustic and blinding flash dispersing combined
    Specific design of the acoustic transducers guaranteed
    the directionality of the sound.
    Blinding dispersing system composed by two square array of128 accent lights. Set bright lighting and dispersing in one.
    Real time monitoring, realize omnidirectional observation and monitoring
    Remote control, greatly improved the safety of the operator.
    Non-lethal with no chemical and no damage to human body
    Foldable, 360°rotation, omnidirectional dispelling.
    Color light warning, blinding flash dispel
    Stroboflash frequency adjustable
    Acoustic Dispersing System
    Sound Pressure level:163dB@1m
    Communications range: 9300m+
    Beam width, Primary: ±15@ 1.0KHz/-3dB
    Blinding Flash Dispersing System
    Effective illumination range:1000m+
    Effective lighting dispersing range:50m


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