Medieval art and early music in newly opened Bishop Erazm Ciolek Palace

A concert series featuring Renaissance and Baroque music begins soon at the once neglected and dirty Bishop Erazm Ciolek Palace, now thoroughly restored to its former beauty.

During restoration work, scientists and archeologists uncovered elements of early decorative design that survived the years of neglect. The palace, once the most splendid of Krakow’s residences, now displays Polish art not seen in decades. The concert series complements and completes the palace’s return to its place as a Krakow treasure.

After the restoration, the palace became one of the branches of the National Museum of Krakow. The ground floor of the palace is devoted to Orthodox art, the first such exhibition ever shown in the National Museum. Two other floors host one of the most interesting collections of Polish art, dating from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century. Previously these works of art, owned by the National Museum, were not accessible to the public. Only a small and the most precious part was displayed in the Wawel Royal Castle

The palace is on ul. Kanonicza, at the foot of Wawel Hill, the most picturesque and one of the oldest corners of Krakow. This interesting Gothic-Renaissance building was erected at the beginning of the 16th Century and belonged to Bishop Erazm Ciolek – an outstanding diplomat, humanist and patron of the artists.

The palace was designed by the greatest masters living in those days in Krakow. For ages the building served as an interesting example of residential architecture. In the 19th Century, when Poland was partitioned, it was taken over by Austrian authorities and turned into barracks and government offices.

Dilapidated for years it has finally become a treasure of great artistic value.  And now music will be added to the palace.

Starting September 29 a series of classical music concerts will be held in the museum. The concerts will present early Renaissance and Baroque music related to the gallery exhibition. Each concert will be introduced with a talk on art by a local historians.

The project was prepared by the National Museum together with the City Council. The invited musicians include Polish and foreign early music ensembles. Music lovers will have the opportunity to listen to “Dekameron” (Sept. 29), Krzysztof Sadlowski and Ludmila Staron (Oct. 23), “Capella Leopolis” from Lviv (Nov. 13), “Schola Specialis Familiae” from Prague (Nov. 27) and “Hortus Artium”  (Dec. 4).

The organizer is the National Museum in Krakow. Information. Tel.: (0) 12 429-15-58. Tickets (15 zloty) available before the concert.

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