Krakow for Kids: Art Classes at Sztukolotnia

Do you look forward to Mondays? You may want to rethink your attitude after visiting Śródmiejskiego Ośrodka Kultury (commonly known as ŚOK). The Monday art classes for tots offered by Sztukolotnia provide quality entertainment and education at bargain prices.

Run by two creative teachers, the workshop aims to develop creativity and motor skills and to stimulate children’s aesthetic sensibilities. Through creative play, the classes help children stimulate imagination and provide a wide field for experimentation.

Where and when: Sztukolotnia’s workshops for children take place at Śródmiejskiego Ośrodka Kultury, ul. Mikołajska 2, 2nd floor. The building is on Mały Rynek. The morning class for 2–4 year olds begins at 11 a.m. There are classes for older kids at 4:30 and 6:30 p.m.

Parking: Teatr Słowackiego or ul. Kopernika or ul. Zyblikiewicza.

Pushchair/wheelchair access: None. Leave pushchairs downstairs in the hall, stairs up to the second floor.

Cost: 7 zł per class (1 hr). Discounts available with a monthly pass.

Toilets: Yes. No changing table.

English speaking: Yes, classes held partially in English if needed.

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Photos: Karina Grolewska

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