Krakow’s nurseries hit the Internet

Krakow’s municipal government wants more information about the city’s nurseries to be available on the Internet. Currently, addresses and telephone numbers of the nurseries can be found on the municipal web site. But for many parents that is not enough. Those seeking a good place for their child most often search the Internet for locations, and then visit the places personally to get detailed information.

Unfortunately, of the 22 nurseries in Krakow, only three have their own web sites, which list such things as operating hours and methods used for children’s development. Other facilities have computers, but they are not connected to the Internet. The city wants to standardize and improve the computer systems to improve access for both parents and nursery headmasters. “We want to complete the project as soon as possible,” said Pawel Lipowski, the head of the city’s Health Protection Department. “We plan to start computer training for the nursery headmasters in October and launch the system fully in November.”

All nurseries are scheduled to supply information for the web site, including their email addresses. This information and improved computer access should lead to electronic registration for the nurseries. An e-registration system already works well in kindergarten, helping to avoid long lines and annoyances. Krakow plans to launch the e-entry program for nurseries at the beginning of September 2008. And to increase opportunities for working parents’ kids, the city wants to open two new nurseries, probably in the housing districts of Kurdwanow and Ruczaj. A new nursery also may be opened downtown.

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