Apr 182012

The Krakow Post, working with Gazeta Wyborcza, has approached Małopolska police for advice for visitors to the city, after receiving three independent reports of alleged credit and debit card fraud at a single night club in the city centre. The men involved, all English, say unauthorised transactions totaling just over 23,000 GBP were made during visits to VIP Club, ul. Mikołajska 4.

One, a banking lawyer from London, has already taken up the matter with the UK authorities and with his bank. A letter from his bank confirmed that transactions totaling 12,850 GBP had been made in just three and a half hours, all to the company to which his authorised spending at the club had been charged. However, the letter said that he would not be refunded as he had been present at the time that the transactions were made. The transactions took place between 10.19pm on May 13 last year, and 1.58am on May 14.

The letter from the bank adds: “There were further attempts to use the card in the same club, however, these requests were declined due to a lack of available funds.”

The man also wrote to the city of Krakow. He received a sympathetic response but was advised that the council could not help him.

Another visitor from London said three attempts had been made to use his credit card without his permission, on June 11 last year. One transaction, for 7,800 GBP, was successful, but following an investigation by the UK Financial Ombudsman, the card company has now agreed to reimburse him, plus interest. The third, also a lawyer, said his card had been used without his permission and that an unexplained charge of 2,500 GBP appeared on his statement after visiting the club on June 10.

All three visitors gave full accounts of their experiences to the Krakow Post, but asked that their identities not be revealed.

Boguslawa Marcinkowska, spokes-woman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Krakow, said: “The prosecutor received only one report of alleged fraud in VIP Club in 2011. The complaint was submitted by a foreigner, through email, with no name and personal details. The prosecutor’s office followed the routine investigative procedure, but found no substantial evidence to confirm the fraud and was forced to deny further investigation.”

The Krakow Post spoke to VIP Club about these three cases. Mariusz Ambrozik, chairman of Gastronomika sp zoo, the company to which VIP’s credit card transactions are paid, said he was aware of a complaint. However, he denied that VIP had been involved in any wrong-doing. Mr Ambrozik added that, due to the exclusive nature of the club, it was possible for clients to spend large sums during their time there – particularly if they spent time with individual dancers.

Michał Kondzior, spokesman for Małopolska Police, gave some general advice to visitors: “Going to a night club, whether you are Polish or a foreigner, one always needs to be extremely cautious about potential fraud.”

‘Temperance’ and ‘carrying limited amounts of cash’ were recommended by police as sensible precautions.

According to Małopolska Police, approximately 500 foreigners reported crimes across the region, in 2011. In January and February this year, there were 68 complaints.

All crime reports can be filed at the main police and city guard station on Rynek Główny.

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  2. I got ripped of 2 weeks ago in Klub vip in Kraków.
    Credit card emptied out in 3 times.. 4th time declined, card empty!
    I got drugged, and I only recalled 2 days later I used my card ones.. So I checked..
    In stead of paying 200 zloty, it was 2200 and after that 4100 and 7200 zloty got taken out of my account!!!
    I hope something really bad will happen to those ugly assholes!!!!

    • My son had £428 taken from his card instead of £28 on 2nd September, after he left the club a further 2 large sums of money had tried to be taken from his account in the vip klub, but declined, something needs to be done ASAP

    • Dirty rotten gangsters, they need to be taught a lesson which we plan to do! !!!!!

  3. Thieving scumbags 2000 zloty for drinks that cost no more than 200 zloty

  4. Anyone that has been scammed in this rotten hole needs to contact action fraud on 03001232040, or actionfraud.police.uk .action needs to be taken asap, and the inland revenue

  5. Had attempted 6200 on my card

  6. 2100 zlotys taken instead of 210 ! i doubt ill get it back, do not pay on your card or get receipts asap!

  7. wed 12 April 2017

    I have just spent the weekend in krakow on a stag w/end . we visited this club and two of the party was plied with drink and drugs .and there money stolen from their wallets and their cards used to the max . The lads father spent two hours searching the bars and the square in search of his son. He called back to the club and was told he was not there. On the second occasion would not take no for an answer and found his son laying on the floor unconscious inside the club. Also rescuing the other lad .It has got to be run by the polish mafia ,the police have got to be in there pockets and the rest of the business must know that this is going on . If this post prevents one person from suffering the same fate i will be pleased. The authorities of Krakow have got to be corrupt. I would never go back to poland and inform everone i meet till my dying day what a disgusting carry on this is . Hang your heads in shame people of Krakow .

  8. I visited club VIP in Krakow on 10 May 2017 after I was approached by a lady outside the club. She told me I could have one beer for 19 zlotys, no obligations. I had the beer, watched a few average strip dances, and left. Within half an hour after I left I received two text messages of transactions on my card, totaling about 2500 zlotys, but there was no transaction for the 19 zlotys.

    I then tried to go back into the club but the lady at the door warned me that it may not be a good idea since there are “people” inside who will throw me out. I went back to my hotel and called my bank to stop the card, which they did. I also asked them to reverse the transactions. A few days later the bank told me that they could not reverse the transactions since they were done with a PIN.

    The only explanation for this is that the club got hold of my PIN when I entered it for the 19 zlotys, and then went about their scamming business after I left. The fact the 19 zlotys never went off my card makes me wonder if the card machine they used for the 19 zloty transaction may have been a fake machine to record my PIN.

    I read somewhere that the police in Krakow know about the dealings of this club but that they just turn a blind eye.

    • The same happened to me. I called the police. and a day after I went to the police station and I reported it. I am waiting for the police email. But I think they won’t do any thing.
      Did you find any solution? do you have any suggestion for me?

      • Avatar

        you poor soul my son has just gone through the same situation, wy the hell did the banks release that amount of money without checking with the owner of the card they surely must carry some blame. I will not give up till I go to the top in Poland so much for a catholic country. I will not give up

  9. And so it happend to me as well… Buying two drinks, paying with card, only to come home and find that the card had been maxed out by several transactions, totaling of more than 20.000 zlotys… =( =( I went to the police to report it, but they where not interested, saying that they did not have time to make a report of it… How can Krakow allow this club to go on???

  10. In Poland this is just a business. Police in Krakow is beater corrupt then Mexican caps.

  11. This has also happened to me this weekend just gone. Very little memory of buying any dances and certainly no drugs taken with consent but I have been charged almost £3000 from this club off 2 bank cards with the same pin.
    Halifax have instantly returned my cash as recognise it as fraud but tsb have stated it wasnt fraudulent.

    • Hi Chris
      I was in krakow at the weekend. We had some beers, got offered this cheap drink so we went in. I think I went to flames but I can’t be too sure. Anyway, can you tell me what name the charges appeared on your statement? I got scammed for nearly 2000 euros, 14 payments in total. The name on the statement is CF Industries sp 39189. We went in, I was bit drunk but nothing crazy. Told the girl I didn’t want a dance, not my thing. Anyway, they bring the drink and suddenly I’m a mess. I wake up next day with no idea. Apparently was there for over 4 hours until my accounts were rinsed. Can you confirm what these charges showed up as? Did you manage to get any money back? Please help :)

      • Hi James
        The payments came out of my account to VIP CLUB a fair few of them for various amount totalling £1900 on a tsb debit account which id never use abroad as I always use credit card for it being a safer option. My bank won’t refund me and have the case in the hands of action fraud but they seem to be of the opinion there’s little chance it will be refunded due to lack of evidence.

      • Hi James
        My payments came out of my account named VIP CLUB several payments over a fairly long period until the bank finally stopped any further transactions.
        I haven’t had the money returned as the bank said it was basically my fault and they didn’t see it as fraud. Case is in hands of action fraud now but I doubt I’ll see any cash again

      • Hi James,

        My father has just come back from Krakow and has totally been shafted to the bone. He went to several of those crooked clubs invited and lead by two women whom claimed to be working at one of those clubs. (I’m not naming the club due to safety for my father, as I am not sure yet what kind of people these people are that robbed him.) Anyhow, he got drugged, has got bruises, traces of injections and got robbed for thousands of euros and he remembers very vaguely being in absolute panic running away from danger.

        They plundered his wallet and personal bank account and they tried to plunder his credit card, without success. From what we discovered when we looked at his bankstatements etc. We came to the conclusion that he must have been held there by people for 5-6 hours! He doesn’t know what happened except for brief moments of panic.

        He woke up without several pieces of clothing the next late afternoon obviously knowing that something bad had happened. At that moment he thought he had only been ripped for about a grand or so. He didn’t hesitate and went back to the club to recount the situation, of coarse not knowing at that moment that this club was most probably in the rip too. He said that the grim atmosphere and the two Mafioso type staff members present couldn’t help him, said they didn’t speak English, telling him to leave.

        Days later, whilst his driving back trying to figure everything out in himesite, thousands of euros get deducted from his account. As you can imagine, his a broken man at the moment feeling very vulnerable about everything.

        What actions did you take to attempt to get your money back? And is there any use of informing the Krakow police department? Or must he go to an embassy?

        These ruthless criminals must do their jail time before things really spin out of hand.

  12. Avatar

    They are definitely gangsters and should be shut down.

  13. My nephew has just been killed in this club and had money taken from his account
    Thieving murdering scum

  14. Got completely drugged and was kept in the basement during the night in a semi conscious state whilst my pin pass was completely drained of €2500. It’s called Hard Candy now but the money goes to GF industries like before. Police are looking into it and the banks know about these dirty, filthy thieving scum.

  15. I was drugged by drinking a cherry shot on Tuesday 10th April 2018. Cash and card payments totalling about 1,000 zlt were taken while I was under the influence of a drug probably ‘devils breath’. It seems clear to me reading hundreds of posts on many forums that this is a common tactic of some clubs especially VIP club Krakow to defraud money from unsuspecting customers. My advice is to avoid all night clubs in Krakow. Personally I would avoid going to Poland as my friend was scammmed in the main square in buying Currency from a street seller after the rate exchange shop who advertised at 4.9 rate to 1 GBP would only give 3.5. The street seller was lying in wait outside the shop and agreed to 4.9. Turned out the money was fake. Word of caution, while Poland is an EU country, many suspect that the authorities and Police are on the take and allow these criminals to conduct their businesses. Please AVOID.

  16. Happened to me and a friend on a Saturday night in April 2018. Free shot, hazy memories, physically restrained when I tried to leave. Only bought two beers for 38 zloty, declining all dances etc. Emerged to discover hundreds taken from Tesco credit card that I never use abroad though it was in my pocket. Tesco will not refund as they say the correct PIN was entered (I have no memory of this) and despite it being them who initially flagged the payment to me as potentially fraudulent. My friend’s card was taken for even more.

    Someone in authority in Krakow needs to read these comments and shut this place down. Since that is unlikely UK banks such as Tesco ought to be doing a lot more to protect their customers from these criminals.

  17. Also, if anyone in Europe is serious about stopping sex trafficking then this place is not that hard to find.

  18. My brother died in that vile establishment, drugged and murdered. 10.10.17 it’s been a year already and the investigations are still ongoing. It pains me that they are still doing this to this day. We will not rest until we have all the answers we need and this place gets it’s comeuppance. Vile Vile people. STAY AWAY

  19. Vile murdering scum bags

  20. Avatar

    I’ve just been scammed in this place as well, the police are well aware of what is happening there, I got drugged and had 5000zly stolen from my account, went back to complain and was met by two huge guys not interested.

    It saddens me that such a beautiful place allows tourists to be conned in such a way, sickening no one stands up to them.

  21. Went in with party of 10 – all our drinks were spiked we got out before any cards were swiped but I had 500 zlt taken from my wallet

  22. Happened to myself I went in the club with 2 friends after 1 cherry shot i cant remember anything also payed over £1000 they kept saying my card declined I dont Recall even what i was paying for.

  23. I’ve just been to Krakow and unfortunately went to this club, I had a beer and a shot…… my friend went to the toilet, came back and I was gone! I believe I must have paid for a dance or 2 and drink but 4 transactions were taken totalling £2800 and I cannot remember paying any! Also all my cash gone.
    I cannot remember much other than being forced to have shots and some blurry outlines of girls. My friend was searching for me for 20 mins and left as my phone was ringing and being hung up (not by me). He Couldn’t find me in the square so returned an hour later and was told I wasn’t there…. clearly I still was.
    After him demanding to look around I was eventually found wandering in a hall of VIP club by my friend but I wasn’t making sense (must have been drugged). I came round and cancelled my card but by then it was too late, the money has left my bank and I doubt I’ll ever see it again. This place needs shutting down, I awoke in the morning feeling robbed but knew I’d have no evidence as NatWest said my card pin was used (maybe once but definitely not 4 times totalling £2800)
    All in all do not visit this place, the cheap drinks as a lie, never take the complimentary shot accompanying your beer!! My friend didn’t, I did!
    I’ve gone through the NatWest fraud team but doubt i’ll see anything back, I’ll keep you posted

  24. Same very bad story happened to my 20 years son. He lost 675 euros being drugged under GHB or equivallent. He went to the police and filled in claim. No action. Scandalous

  25. Avatar

    Exactly the same, £3000 taken after I was drugged

  26. Avatar

    I have been working in Crakow one year and the city authorities are doing nothing to stop this. There are no clubs without a scamming schema, everybody here knows it. Do not visit any of these clubs, they have cameras in private rooms, card skimmers, etc. They try to fraud every visitor.

    Besides the strip clubs there are also so called music bars you should avoid. They are used by girls in ordinary bars that fools men to pay for their drinks and after a few shoots they wish to go “elsewhere” and victims end up in these music bars with extreme high drink prices .

    Every holiday service should warn their customers. Do not expect get any support from the local authorities in these matters.

  27. Happens to me and my friend. 2000euros taken from me and 1000 from my friend. It has happened recently in krakow(can’t remember the name of the club,but I know where it is). Druged and stolen, but no worries. I am comming soon there, don’t need money back. We will have fun,but in Albania way. See you soon fuckers

  28. My friend went to VIP Club on a stag weekend and was drugged with shots, injected with something (more drugs?) and robbed. He was kept in a dark room with no handle on the door and was away unconscious for 3 hours. £3000 was taken from his bank account during this time. His friends were told he had left when they asked about him. Extremely dangerous. People go on a stag do to have fun not to be completely violated and traumatised. Something needs to be done about these clubs. The police must know about it and are either ambivalent to it or they are in on it. I for one will never visit Poland now because of this and will tell everyone I know to stay away. It’s clearly not safe and there is no proper policing of nightlife there.

  29. I was drugged, breaten, and robbed 2 days ago at a Wrocław club that says “caberet show” on the front. It’s near whiskey in the jar and next to McDonald’s in the old town square. They took 30k cash off me. Have no memory except for a few flashes of being beaten. I believe i was held there for 6+hrs against my will. I am american and will be informing my embassy plus filing a Police report. Any other advice, especially how to recover my phones, is appreciated.

  30. Let the bank know and file a dispute form. If proven to be fraud, you’ll get the money back. Also please let us know how it went. it happened to a friend of mine last night and I’m doing my best to get his 5k, and more importantly his dignity back

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