Discover the universe free-of-charge at Galeria Krakowska

From April 27-May 13, the interactive Space Adventure exhibition at Galeria Krakowska (the city?s largest mall located near the railway station) offers visitors an interactive crash course in modern astronautics. Space Adventure is located on the first floor of the city?s largest mall.

The exhibition is divided into several space-related presentations ranging from space travel and pictures of the Earth from above to a walk on the Moon?s surface and an astronaut?s life while on mission to Mars.

The aptly entitled Spaceship Earth presentation is housed in a large dome, which is visible from the mall?s main entrance. With a diameter of 6 meters, the dome depicts the Northern Hemisphere and is used as a cinema to show space-related films by Bayern Television as part of the Spacenight program.

A Moon-shaped globe, 1.7 meters in diameter, invites visitors for a look at the Earth?s only natural satellite. Inside, an enormous three-dimensional photo of a spaceship landing, which can make you feel at least a little like a space cowboy.
When visiting the exhibition, visitors will also have the chance to become familiar with astronaut equipment, from underwear and gloves to many other personal accessories and toiletries used by astronauts in a weightless environment.

There is also a philatelic rarity — a letter written by an astronaut to his family on Earth, which is stamped with a unique space postmark. Several booths show visitors detailed images of planets, space and Earth. Visitors may purchase three-dimensional glasses at the adjacent Space Shop to view thesew exhibitions. Nearly each booth is accompanied by ambient classical music or recordings of conversations between astronauts and mission control.

?This exhibition shows us something more than what we already know about the universe and space guests,? said Thorsten Bartels, one of the exhibition?s managers. ?I spoke with Jurij Usatschov, who has been to space four times and he said that after coming back an individual has a completely different view of Earth. In fact, we live in a rather small place.?

Additionally, each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 14:00-18:00 is educational entertainment for kids: astronauts drawing, UFOs and space-model construction and numerous competitions. On May 12-13, from 11:00-14:00, visitors will have an opportunity to watch the Sun using a special telescope, ogether with young astronomers from Niepolomice. On May 12 at 14:00, Dr. Mietelski of Jagiellonian University will hold a lecture on the history of the university?s astronomical observatory.
The exhibition is open Mon-Sat
from 09:00-22:00 and on Sun
from 10:00-21:00.

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