Germany Wants Polish Engineers

The German government is opening its labor market to Polish engineers and specialists in automation, robotics and electronics. Poland’s western neighbor will welcome the engineers beginning November 1, Dziennik reported. Thousands of Poles are excited as Germany is the richest and the most industrialized country in the EU.

Specialists from Poland can earn up to 10,000 euro a month in Germany, depending on experience. Germany’s decision to lift employment barriers is a great chance for graduates of Polish institutes of technology (engineering colleges). They can work in German auto and heavy machinery factories, as well as for electronics and household appliance companies.

Unfortunately, this opportunity may damage the Polish labor market. If engineers follow physicians and building sector workers who left the country earlier, Poland will suffer. If there is a shortage of engineers here, potential investors will not want to build factories. A shortage of engineers also may increase labor costs in Poland and discourage industrial investment. Poland’s loss will be Germany’s gain. The booming country reports that a lack of specialists is costing it about 20 bln euro a year.

Computer, automation and robotics specialists are being sought to replace human control systems for industrial machinery. In the scope of industrialization, it is a step beyond mechanization. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. The purpose of automation for manufacturing companies has shifted from increasing productivity and reducing costs, to broader issues, such as increasing quality and flexibility in the manufacturing process.

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