Gazeta Wyborcza photos on display

A unique photographic exhibition near Galeria Krakowska showing people from Krakow pictured by the reporters of Gazeta Wyborcza. 90 pictures on 32 boards are available for viewing until May 20 at Rynek Jana Nowaka Jezioranskiego, in front of Galeria Krakowska. They range from portraits to group pictures, but all have the same topic — people living in Krakow.

This display, entitled ?See That We All Are One,? aims to highlight that all people living in Krakow have something in common. The idea was taken from Edward Steichen, who over 50 years ago organized an exhibit entitled Family of Man. Steichen took 503 pictures and put them together into a beautiful portrait of a Human, who is the ?One? though living in various latitudes. This concept was taken up by Waldemar Sosnowski, a reporter for Gazeta Wyborcza, to show that although we differ from each other in almost everything, we are still a big Krakow family.

The seven reporters of Gazeta Wyborcza have a very tiresome, but at the same time rewarding job, being close to people and capturing the atmosphere of some important events, both public and private. Not all pictures have been published in the daily news; however, they all create a precious record of Krakow?s life.

The oldest photo is 2- years-old, and the youngest made just before April 28, the opening day of the exhibit.The photos shown in front of Galeria Krakowska have been taken on the streets, in the estates, at home or outside ? simply all around Krakow. People seen there are anonymous, or on the other hand, well known. They have, however, one thing in common: they are people from Krakow.

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