Famous Krakow dragons made known in Europe

Needless to say, the dragon is the most recognizable symbol of Krakow. The legend about a brave prince who slew a dangerous dragon is well known by every Polish child. This story has inspired the annual funfest that is the Great Dragon Parade. It has been organized for the last seven years by Krakow Groteska Theater to celebrate this particularly Krakowian myth.

A show featuring representations of dragons with music, light and sound effects attracts thousands of Krakow citizens every year. Some of the dragons are small, some are huge, and all are colorful, vivid and fancy. The dragons fly or swim for spectators on the Vistula riverbank where the show is held. And now the dragons’ fame is spreading, the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports. Within the last month the dragons have left Krakow to show off in other European cities. They visited Ireland and added splendor to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

They also performed in Warsaw and were warmly received by its citizens. At the beginning of September the Krakow dragons will reach Prague where the open-air show will be held on the Vltava River near the famous Charles Bridge.

The dragons will be accompanied by Irish sea snakes and terrifying water creatures of Vltava. The director of Groteska Theater, Adolf Weltschek, says the Krakow Municipality can gain a marketing advantage with its attractive symbol. The dragons can become a recognizable advertisement for Krakow outside Poland. They provide an attractive image of Krakow and provide a glimpse of the legendary past of the city. The dragons’ appearances in other countries were prepared with EU financial support as a part of a project entitled “European Myths and Legends.” Weltschek hopes for a similar opportunity next year, perhaps with the cooperation of the City Council.

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