Poster painters at large

Commercial, artistic and theatrical posters showing the best works of both Polish and foreign artists are on exhibit in five places around the center of Krakow.

Posters, each dealing with a different topic, are being displayed at various locations in the city. The exhibition began on April 26 and will run until May 10.

The most important event of this year?s festival is a competition for best commercial poster. Its theme ?Holidays in Poland? aims to generate ideas for promoting Poland outside the country, as well as among Poles themselves. Over 80 selected works are currently on display in Barbakan.

Commercial posters are also on exhibit in Planty, opposite the Bagatela and Slowacki theaters. These works first appeared on the streets of Poland many years ago and demonstrate the evolution of posters as an outdoor art. The most precious and rare posters from Polish theater collections are displayed in the public library at ul. Rajska 1. A number of these works were painted by today?s top graphic and poster artists.
In the Theatrical Academy (PWST) at ul. Straszewskiego 21-22, all of Andrzej Pagowski?s posters are on exhibit ? from the very first to the latest (painted this year). This exceptional Polish artist and poster painter is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his work.

Last, but not least, in the antique hall of the Krakow municipality at Rynek Wszystkich Swietych 3-4, posters presenting and promoting the Alpine regions give visitors the opportunity to compare Polish and foreign artistic ideas.
All exhibitions are free and available for viewing during the operating hours of the specific institutions.

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