Sex Important For Older Poles

According to a TNS OBOP survey, sex doesn’t stop when people turn 50 or older and remains an important part of older adult life, reported Gazeta Wyborcza.

The research can dispel commonly held notions that people lose interest in sex as they age and that sex belongs solely to the young. Frequently, men and women maintain a satisfying sex life as they get older.Seventy-three percent of Poles over the age of 50 agree that sexual activity can be a source of positive and valuable experiences. This opinion differs between different age groups – researchers said 84 percent of people between the ages 50 and 59 approved this statement versus about 58 percent among those over age 70.

Even if the majority of older adults agree that making love is an important part of one’s life, 43 percent (no small number) admit that sex isn’t particularly important in their own. At the same time 20 percent declared having had sexual contact with a partner the preceding week. Generally, Poles over 50 are happy in their relationships. Over 65 percent live with a spouse or permanent partner. Among them, more than half admit that they would have chosen the same partner if they were to choose again. Two thirds admit having warm and affectionate relationships, with feelings of mutual understanding.

Aging is one of many natural changes, which can affect intimacy and closeness. The report said that such feelings are crucial to feeling younger and eliminating loneliness in the majority of sexually active older adults in Poland. Maybe that’s why more than a half of them consider romantic kisses to be the most pleasant part of sexual intercourse and the best beginning to making love. According to the report Poles enjoy making love in a comfortable atmosphere, during the weekend or in the evenings. Sixty-five percent appreciate the comfort of sexual activity without fear of pregnancy. The majority doesn’t use erotic films, web sites or striptease to improve their sex life, nor by using erotic gadgets or vibrators. Of course passions cool as people get older, but a declining interest in sex can’t be attributed to age alone. Stress, tiredness, anxiety and health problems are the main causes in declined sexual activity. About one third of men over 50 admit to impotency.

In many cases, they don’t look to professional medical help to resolve this problem as about 72 percent believe it’s a natural consequence of aging. Meanwhile, such problems are in fact often curable. Forty-two percent of men fear their impotency will result in breaking their relationships. The survey indicates that a sex life is much more important for men than women. About 60 percent of men versus 35 percent of women declare that sexual activity plays a significant role in their life.

Sexually active men achieve orgasm more often than women do; about 30 percent of men versus about 12 percent of women orgasm during sexual intercourse. Men are also more active initiators of sexual relationships. A remarkable difference appears among people from different social classes. People with university degrees enjoy more active sex life. About 42 percent admit that sex can be a source of real joy while only 14 percent of those with an elementary education agree with this statement. In addition, well-educated people take better care of their physical and sexual well-being.

The quality of sex life has also a lot to do with attitudes towards religion. More religious people have stricter attitudes toward sexual activity. The idea of sex problems and older people has been taboo for a long time. Older people often felt embarrassed of their sexual desires. Meanwhile, an active sex life is important for everyone regardless of age or gender. Slowly, these psychological self-imposed limitations are being overcome.

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