3:1 Odds for Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine

Gazeta Wyborcza informs that football fans are placing bets with bookies that the UEFA will take back Poland’s bid to host Euro 2012. A Sosnowiec football fan tried to place 100 zloty on such a bet with a bookie. However, he was turned down as no such bet exists. Evidently, he wasn’t the only one to hear this excuse.

“The problem is more complicated than it seems. Almost everyone in Poland wants to have the European Football Championship in our country and such a bet won’t do any good, that’s for sure,” explained Adam Warlewski, Sport analyst from Professional Bookie Company.

On the other hand, those responsible for preparing the championship are having trouble getting things done on time. Rigorous UEFA rules are increasing chances that Poland will be stripped of playing host to the Euro 2012.

In the past, bookie owners have complied with customer requests, extending offers to those willing to place bets. During Poland’s administration reforms people bet on how many voivodeships Poland would eventually have. It was the clients’ initiative, but the betting became quite popular among gamblers.

The Euro is a different story though. “Most clients aren’t patient enough to wait years on bet results. They want it the next day. Some of them would probably lose their ticket, too,” Warlewski said.

But as gamblers persisted, some bookies took it into consideration. After consulting with main bookie-keepers, they estimated the odds of winning to be three to one. If betting 1 zloty, 3 zloty would be won if the Euro 2012 is taken from Poland. But if Poland pulls through, only 30 percent of the money bet would be returned.

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