Polish supermodel strips against furs

Joanna Krupa, a 26-year-old supermodel, has recently participated in a nude photo-session for the “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA) organization, promoting a campaign against wearing natural furs. Joanna Krupa, born in Poland, has been living in the U.S. for over 20 years. Besides being rated one of the world’s 25 top sexiest women by “Playboy” magazine in 2007, Krupa has also starred in 10 films, including “Legally Blonde” and “Ripple Effect,” and appeared on the TV show “The Man Show.”She was involved in a PETA campaign protesting wearing natural furs. The organization is widely known for its controversial, radical and sometimes drastic actions in their animal protection campaigns – such as leaving dead minks on the desk of “Vogue” Editor-In-Chief Ann Vintour, who promoted wearing natural furs.The supermodel’s artistic nude shots, entitled “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” are available on the PETA web site, www.peta.org, along with a film from the photo session in which Krupa wears a T-shirt with “I love PETA” written across the front. The film also shows images of animals kept in horrifying conditions waiting to be killed for their fur and the supermodel commenting that: “There is nothing sexy about wearing something that is so obviously tied to senseless pain and killing.” The Polish Society for Animal Protection (TOZ) is glad that famous Polish people are engaged in such actions and supports them when they are legal.”Every year, Poland is becoming noticed as an animal rights sensitive country,” says Wojciech Muza, secretary of TOZ. “Poland has a long tradition in animal rights protection. It was King Boleslaw Chrobry, who forbade killing beavers in the year 1000, and King Sigmund III Vasa, who gave an edict in the 17th Century protecting the ?tur,’ a buffalo-like ancestor of today’s cattle.” In Muza’s opinion, if such campaigns were held in Poland, they would cause significant indignation within the more conservative members of society, although the objective is praiseworthy.”Nudity goes very well with this topic of furs – it is natural. Sometimes animal rights organizations have to use drastic methods to be noticed by society; for example, we educate people through using shocking reports of animal suffering. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear anything of this drastic side, they just go and buy fur when it’s ready and don’t care. Shock caused by dropping blood, or as in this case – nudity, can make them think. And that’s what counts,” says Muza.

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