Krakow Launches Film Competition

Krakow’s Municipal Council is launching a film competition. Budding filmmakers will not be restricted as to the filming medium. Mobile phones, digital cameras and animation are all acceptable forms of filming. The only restrictive element about the film competition is its running theme. All entered films must somehow incorporate Krakow into the filming process. Krakow must appear either directly or indirectly as a setting of the action, as a backdrop to the storyline or as a major protagonist of the film.

The film competition is open to all, including amateur film directors as well as to those with professional experience. The idea behind the competition is to promote Krakowian filmmakers as well as to expose Krakow on a silver screen. The winning film will be shown across Poland in various independent cinemas. It will also be incorporated into Krakow’s promotional campaigns and used in marketing projects and expos. Jurors, comprised of journalists, writers, photographers, artists, as well as Council officials, will choose the winning entry according to its highest level of creativity.

The film competition is not restricted to one filming medium, in order to show that the traditional method of filming is no longer the only method of filming. Internet sites such as YouTube and Flixter have opened up the size of the viewing audience and therefore the traditional filming method is no longer required. Instead digital photographic cameras, mobile phones and webcams have become filmmaking tools for filmmakers to reach that wider audience. The Krakow film competition wants to tap into this growing phenomenon by allowing entries full creative filming possibility and unrestrictive methods of having their footage taken.

Details of the film competition will soon be made available on: Filmmakers will be able to download the entry forms and read about the rules of the competition.

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