Headhunters from British universities are looking for students in Poland

First they came to Warsaw, Lodz and Zielona Gora. Now they have hit Krakow.British recruiters are making pitches for young Poles to attend their universities, the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported.The rub for most Polish students is that it costs a lot to study in Britain ? and most of the universities offer limited financial help. So the recruiters are looking mostly for students from well-to-do families. The recruiters have already held information sessions about their institutions in Krakow.The University of Wales in Aberystwyth conducted the first session, on August 1. The University of Derby helds sessions August 6 and 7.The recruiting efforts have worked. After the information sessions in Poland more than 100 Poles have already decided to study in Aberystwyth and the same number in Derby. Gazeta Wyborcza noted that in the first year a student should be ready to spend about 1800 pounds for tuition plus the cost of living in Britain for a year. An outstanding student might be able to get a scholarship after that.Some universities are able to give a student a grant of up to 1,000 pounds during the first year, the newspaper reported. And some universities offer scholarships. For example, one gives a 2,000-pound grant to the student who scores highest on the national examination that Poland administers to high school seniors. British labor laws allow students who have finished their first year of university to take jobs, which will help them pay for their next years of study.Every year more Polish students study abroad. The overall figure right now is about 26,000.Polish employers value diplomas from overseas universities. Perhaps more important, they open doors to employment in EU countries.British university recruiters are also looking for students in Lithuania, Latvia and a number of Asian countries.

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