Dumplings for All!

The Dominican Order, together with the Krakow Festival Bureau, has organized the fifth annual Pierogi Festival to be combined with the 750th anniversary of the death of St. Jack, the patron saint of the order. The celebration will take place form August 11th until the 15th on pl. Szczepanski.

Celebrating with food might seem like a strange idea, but the past successes of the Festival of Soups and the Pierogi Festival shows that the venue really does hold its own. The Pierogi Festival is very nationally oriented. Indeed, as organizers explain, their aim is to “promote the qualities of Historic-Polish cuisine among the guests and tourists visiting Krakow, both domestic and foreign.” And, as pierogi (small, flour-based dumplings) are arguably the most famous Polish food, they were the obvious choice for the role of cultural ambassador.

Apart from its promotional aspects, the Pierogi Festival will include two contests to decide which chef creates the most delectable dumplings. The first pierogi competition will take place on the 11th and allow the public to decide the tastiest recipe and the recipient of Casimir the Great. The second competition, which will be held on the second day of the festival, will be judged by a jury of connoisseurs, whose choice will be commemorated by the statue of St. Jack.

Eating will not be the only attraction planned for the event. Among others are concerts, the performance of a medieval drama “The Miracle’s of St. Nicholas” and workshops concerning the art of making and cooking pierogi.

For additional information concerning the exact schedule of the festival visit www.biurofestiwalowe.pl

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