Revelation in Artpol

This Friday, August 10, Artpol is opening a new “Summer with Pies Gallery” project. After exhibiting work by Marcin Marciejowski, Basia Banda and Seweryn Swacha, the curators chose an installation piece by young artist Tomasz Mroz.

Tomasz Mroz graduated form the Department of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. He is known for his silicon sculptures and video installations. Mroz’s work uses lots of irony, the grotesque and caricatures in creating a different, alternative world. The sculptures are often images of queer and odd aliens combined with elements of mass culture and needs of social imagination.

Artpol will show the installation, “Revelation.” The piece is over a meter tall of an odd, half alien-half boy who observes the revelation of the Holy Mother Maria. It’s filled with expression and romanticism, as well as anxiety. Tomasz Mroz’s “Revelation” is worth seeing as an excellent work which has the power to draw to our senses.

Tomasz Mroz, Revelation (August 10, 19:00-August 24) Artpol, ul. Zacisze 14

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