Representation of time in photography

ZPAF and S-ka Gallery is a new art venue on Krakow’s map of galleries. The first opening exhibition, “Self-Portraits” by photographer Martin Parr, was held in May 2007 during Krakow’s “Photomonth.” Starting Friday, August 10 at 19:00, two photo series will be showing entitled “Transitions” and “Walls” by Marzena Skubatz. Marzena Skubatz was born in 1978 in Gliwice, but has lived in Germany since the age of 10 where she graduated from a university in Dortmund. The main theme of her work is time and different ways of presenting it in photos. The “Walls” series documents marks left by people and nature. The photos are very aesthetic with white color and space reduction dominating the images. They are reduced to abstract relationships between various elements in the picture. The “Transitions” cycle consists of transparent photos that have been layered one top of another. As a result dimmed, artificially constructed landscapes are created. If reconstructing the artist?s process of creation, the fake landscapes would probably reveal the titled transition between the present and the past.The exhibition is open every day from August 11 until September 2, between 12:00 and 18:00. Marzena Skubatz, “Transitions and Walls” (August 10, 19:00-September 2) ZPAF and S-ka Gallery, ul. sw. Tomasza 24

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