Bicycle Routes in and Outside Krakow

Krakow is full of picturesque bike routes, but there are a few that deserve particular attention:

1. Vistula River Embankment Path
This bike path begins in Tyniec, a historic village and today a Krakow borough, famous for its Benedictine abbey founded by King Kazimierz in 1044 CE. It leads through the center of Krakow, by Wawel Castle and runs further to Niepolomice, passing through Nowa Huta.

2. Rudawa River Route
This is a typical recreational route. It is recommended to start the ride in Salwator or by the Juvenia Sports Club field at Blonia. After riding down to the river?s embankment, you should follow the path that leads about five kilometers straight ahead. Pass two bridges on the way, the last rail bridge is at the end of the path. The best way to come back is the same path unless you want to ride along the streets.

3. Osiedle Widok-Dolina Kluczwody-Wierzchowie-Krakow Route
This path leads through the Widok housing development, Pasternik, Brzezie, Ujazd, Kluczwody Valley (Dolina Kluczwody), Wierzchowie, Murownia and Pradnik Korzkiewski. The route is 36 kilometers long. Ride out from Osiedle Widok and then through villages: Pasternik, Brzezie and Ujazd to reach the Kluczwody Valley, worth seeing in all of its length. In the village of Wierzchowie there is a mineral spring from Kluczwoda. A steep path near the spring leads to Grota Mamutowa (Mammoth?s Cave). After visiting the cave, ride up the valley. After about 0.5 kilometers you will reach the biggest cave in the Krakow Uplands, Grota Wierzchowska Gorna, situated on your right side. Going further up the valley you will pass a row of rocks on the right. Ride further east along a dirt road. After reaching the main road E22, ride it, on the way passing such villages as: Murownia, Bialy Kosciol, Wielka Wies. Turn left at the crossroad in Szyce and ride along a steep road to reach Pradnik Korzkiewski. Making your way towards Korzkwia, Januszowice and Zielonki, you will return to Krakow.

4. Szklarki Valley Route
This path is about 15 kilometers long and leads through the most interesting parts of the Wyzyna Krakowsko-Czestochowska (Krakow-Czestochowa Uplands). The path starts in Zabierzow near Krakow. If you don’t want to ride a bike to Zabierzow, you can easily get there by train (15 kilometers). First, ride along the Rudawa River. Then, riding along a road you will pass Bolechowice and reach the exit of Bolechowicka Valley. Turn left and ride through Karniowice. The path leads to the north through fields and forests and reaches the red bike trail. Ride down to the upper part of Bedkowska Valley. Ride through it to reach the village of Jerzmanowice. Approaching the road, you will see the blue bike trail. This is the end of the green trail as well. The road provides a comfortable return trip. Turn left and through Szklary and Dubie ride to Rudawa (the train station). From here you can either ride 20 kilometers more to Krakow, or take a direct train to the city.

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  • December 6, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    We are 8 people from Norway who are coming to Krakow 23.05.2015 and we vil stay for one week We vant to rent bicykles for five days and want help to get some nice routs and maps fir easy trips around Krakow. About 40 – 50 km pr. day. Do you know any people or fims hwo can help us vith planing the tours?
    We also vant a trip til Sakopane ( by car) and a trip to the salt mines.
    Please send me some adresses if you know anyone.



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