Americans open playground for children in Ruda Slaska

A chute, wooden ladders, swings and a sand box ? a whole new modern playground was built in Ruda Slaska thanks to the efforts of Americans from Alabama. “Just look at this,” said Blake Rymer pointing at a set of old, destroyed swings in the courtyard of a single mothers’ house.Rymer came to Ruda Slaska last week with a group of 18 Americans, which included students, engineers and computer scientists. The Americans are Baptists from Huntsville, Alabama invited by Grzegorz Skrobarczyk, leader of the Christian Foundation “The Youth with Mission,” who lived in Huntsville for a year. During his time there, he got to know the Baptist community well enough to know that if they meet an opportunity to help, they won?t hesitate to act. He was right. After telling them about the children?s situation, Huntsville’s Baptists organized a collection in their church. They managed to gather $2,500 and come to Ruda Slaska. All these people are volunteers. Last week they taught the children English, how to play American football and helped the kids build a new playground. They were happy that they could help and do something for the children from the district. Finally, the kids from Ruda Slaska have a real playground for the first time. And it?s not over yet. At Friday’s opening ceremony, to which all of Ruda Slaska’s children were invited, Rymer announced that after returning to Alabama they will organize another collection round. With the gathered money, Rymer wants to build another playground for children who live in a hostel by Halemba.

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