Close-kept secrets of Siberia

It took Michal Galek and Mariusz Zabdyr several years to create the comic book “Alma.” And the result of their work is quite impressive: a rather thick black book with a hard cover and content which (fortunately) has nothing to do with light reading. It’s October 16, 1925 ? the time when a team of enthusiastic scientists embarks for Siberia. In this unwelcoming wilderness they look for Alma, a cross between a man and a cat ? the alleged missing link. They expect that the task they endeavor to accomplish will be tough and demanding but they don?t take into account that not only Alma has its secrets in Siberia?Mariusz Zabdyr, illustrator of “Alma,” and Michal Galek, the comic writer, were both members of the no longer existing “Krakowski Klub Komiksowy” (“The Krakow Comic Club”?), which published the first issue of “Alma” in March 2002. After several issues appeared in print, the writers started working on the full-length comic book. Although it is quite thick, it contains only the very essence necessary to follow its plot and make the book ?unputdownable.? And, as befitting to every good book, whether a comic or a novel, it has a deeper meaning hidden under the surface of the main plot. To my mind, ?Alma? raises the question of the price of pursuing our dreams, and, above all, whether it?s really worth paying. All that?s left is to read it yourself and see what ?Alma? is about for you.

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