EasyJet: New Routes To Edinburgh and Bournemouth From Balice

Two new destinations, Krakow-Edinburgh and Krakow-Bournemouth, will be launched on October 29, EasyJet airlines announced last week. Starting October 29, regular flights to Edinburgh will be scheduled four times a week. The airplanes to Bournemouth are planned to fly three times a week starting October 30.

Edinburgh, the capitol of Scotland, is the second most popular UK tourist destination after London. Bournemouth is a big health resort town located on the southern coast of England. The one-way tickets are already on sale for 109 zloty. An EasyJet airline estimates serving around 100,000 travelers 12 months from now.

Currently EasyJet flies to Bristol and London (Luton) from Warsaw, Belfast, Bristol, Dortmund and Liverpool and to London (Luton and Gatwick) and Newcastle from Krakow. “Launching two new routes in Krakow testifies, that we are interested in the Polish market,” says John Kohlsaat, the company regional sales manager.

EasyJet is a leading low-cost European airline. Currently it serves 302 destinations between 79 airports in 22 countries. Last year EasyJet served 35 mln passengers.

Krakow-Edinburgh Flights: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Edinburgh 07:50, Krakow 11:30/12:00, Edinburgh 13:40
Saturday: Edinburgh 16:20, Krakow 20:00/20:30, Edinburgh 22:10
Krakow-Bournemouth Flights: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Bournemouth 15:55, Krakow 19:35/13:45, Bournemouth 15:25

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