Festival of tradition, identity and folklore: Beskidy Highlander Week of Culture (TKB) commences

Klepok, a wooden bird on two wheels, is one of the most recognizable traditional toys in Beskidy. It represents the Beskidy Highlander Week of Culture (TKB), said to be one of the oldest and biggest folk festivals in Poland, possibly even Europe.This year’s 44th annual festival begins July 28. In several towns, the most notorious being Szczyrk, Oswiecim, Zywiec, Makow Podhalanski and Wisla (where the story of the festival began), highlanders from Beskidy and other, mainly European, countries will come together to hold a great holiday folklore festival. The event will not only be a chance for the groups to celebrate together but also to compete in various categories such as traditional song, dance, genuine ritual recreation and presentation of traditional customs. Every group adds to the festival’s charm by presenting their most valuable traditions. Many events are held during the TKB. One of the smaller ones is “Wawrzyncowe Hudy” (“St. Lawrence’s Bonfires”) in Ujsoly, which includes concerts and street parades. The oldest and most traditional Polish songs and music will be played, transforming contemporary folk-pop groups. The festival will also have folk art and crafts exhibitions, showing folk artists at work and providing samples of traditional highlander cuisine with honey vodka. The event will be held in a beautiful setting surrounded by the Beskidy Mountains.
The 44th TKB Program:The 38th Festival of Polish Highlander Folklore in Zywiec (July 28-31)The 18th International Folk Meetings in Szczyrk (August 1-4)The 60th Highlander Feast in Jablunkov, Czech Republic (August 3-5)The 13th Istebna Feast in Istebna (July 28-29)The 29th St. Lawrence?s Bonfires in Ujsoly (August 4)

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