Shopaholic: Artes

If you like spending money ethically and buying attractive items, go to ul. Meiselsa 4, where, tucked away, is a fabulous craft shop stocking pretty wooden things. You’ll find items to brighten the gloomiest February day.

There are painted boxes, nice enough for jewellery but unfussy enough for other uses. More unusual are the decoupage decorated pen holders. There are also pictures, picture frames (the shop will take orders), tiny rocking horses, angels and animals that can be used as they are or subjected to your own artistic skills to produce a unique mobile. Prices begin from three złoty and there was nothing in three figures. Most notices were in English and Polish.

Why is it ethical? The shop exists with the help of EU funds and the people who make the goods have disabilities. This creates much-needed jobs. “People are the best investment” is the motto by the door. Here’s to that.

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