Many faces of Polish feminist Natalia LL greet guests at Foto Medium Art Gallery

Natalia LL, a true icon of Polish political and feminist art, boldly explores the subject of the human body.The artist is keen on scandal and fascinated with sex and Satanism–to list just a few of the more commonly held opinions of her and her work. Natalia LL does not seem to mind the publicity, as she continues upon her artistic quest. Some of her photography and video art is currently on exhibit at the Foto Medium Art Gallery in Krakow.Natalia LL’s artistic output is deeply rooted in the aesthetics of conceptual art and body art. Her works require intellectual effort and forces its viewers to question the basic nature of existence and what it means to be a human being.The artist is also very interested in existential and metaphysical issues. In her most recent work (“Soul of a Tree”), she approaches Eastern philosophy and spirituality as she addresses the concept of reincarnation.From the beginning of the 21st century, Natalia LL’s art has personally and uniquely targeted both the social and political events of the day.At the same time, it is very much focused on the artist’s own personal problems and makes numerous references to the tradition of body art.Natalia LL was born in 1937. From 1957 to 1963, she studied in the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. In 1970, she co-founded an artistic group and gallery called PERMAFO. Starting from the mid-1970s, the artist joined the international feminist art movement. She soon became one of its most outstanding representatives. Today she is recognized throughout the world for her activities.The artist’s works presented in Foto Medium Art Gallery include the cycles: “Consumer Art” (1972) and “Post-Consumer Art” (1975). Particularly worth seeing are the large-size photographs entitled “Velvet Terror” (1970) and “Eroticism of Terror” (2004), which envelop the exhibition. The display is made complete by video film shows, which span the artist’s entire career.
Natalia LL Galeria Foto-Medium-Art ul. Karmelicka 28/12, July 20-August 29

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