Poland’s first roller coaster opens to rave reviews


Last week, the first roller coaster in Poland opened at the Chorzow Amusement Park, in Chorzow, a city situated 80 kilometers from Krakow, in southern Poland, reported Dziennik Zachodni.
The Chorzow Amusement Park is part of the Silesian Central Park (?Wojewodzki Park Kultury i Wypoczynku? — WPKiW) with the: Silesian Stadium (?Stadion Slaski?), the biggest sporting stadium in Poland; the longest European cable line railway, ?Elka?; Silesian Planetary and Astronomical Observatory; Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park — ?Skansen?; International Katowice Fairs; the Zoological Garden and other sporting complexes. 
The inaugural ride of the first Polish roller coaster took place on June 22. The local authorities, who were the first riders of the ?Tic Tac Tornado? roller coaster, did not expect to have such a rollicking good time.
?Huge impressions, I really enjoyed the ride,? said Jerzy Zietek following his ride.  He is the grandson of General Jerzy Zietek. The creator of the Silesian Central Park. Marian Ormaniec, the executive member of the Silesian Voivodeship, wobbled off the train on weak legs.
He conceded that young people probably endure such attractions better. Only Cezary Dominiak, the chairman of WPKiW, differed slightly as it was not his first ?Tic Tac Tornado? riding.
Cezary Dominiak has previously ridden the ?Twin Looper? in England when he was deliberating about buying it for the Chorzow Amusement Park.  He had another offer from France called ?Bat Coaster.?
In December 2006, the English proposal was chosen. Twin Looper, which is less crazy than Bat Coaster, could prepare Silesian inhabitants for even more extreme attractions in the future, because it is still possible that the French Bat Coaster may be brought into the park as well.
Twin Looper is called Tic Tic Tornado in Poland and stands seven storeys high. 
It features a double noose that turns the riders briefly upside down, twice. The ride reaches a maximum speed approaching 70 kilometers per hour. Riders must prepare for 110 seconds of fear. The roller coaster is a popular amusement ride developed for amusement parks and modern theme parks.
After the trains climb up the seven-storey hill, they are released to spin freely for the duration of the 1.8-minute-long ride.
The conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy is what drives the roller coaster. Kinetic energy is converted back into potential energy as the train moves up again to the second peak.
According to Dziennik Zachodni, ?Tic Tac Tornado? is the first such roller coaster in Poland as well in Central-Eastern Europe. The closest one is in Vienna, Austria, which is much more expensive than its Polish counterpart.
The ticket price in Amusement Park in Chorzow costs 9 impulses per person, which is only 9 zloty. However, there is one condition: riders must be taller than 140 centimeters.

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