TEDx Hits Krakow

Today, 15 October, Poland’s third TEDx is taking place in Krakow at the Auditorium Maximum on ul. Krupnicza, bringing together experts from the worlds of technology, investment, design, farming, biology and diplomacy, among others, to talk about ideas worth spreading. Speakers, including a former British Ambassador to Poland, a venture capitalist and founder of computer giant Comarch, social entrepreneurs and an organic farmer, will have 18 minutes to present their idea. There are no panel discussions, no questions and no interruptions. It’s an intense day that usually leaves the audience both stimulated and exhausted.

You may have heard of TED already. During its 26-year history, the annual TED conference (the name comes from the merging spheres of Technology, Entertainment and Design) has become a mass phenomenon thanks to its website, www.ted.com, where all the TED talks are available for watching and downloading. As its popularity grew, the TED Foundation decided to create TEDx, a programme of independently organised conferences that take place under their patronage. To date, TEDx events have been held around the world, from Algeria to Kenya to the Virgin Islands, and earlier this year, in Warsaw and Poznań.

TED enjoys huge interest in Poland and many of the original talks have been translated into Polish by an army of volunteer translators. TEDxWarsaw, held earlier this year, attracted over 700,000 online viewers from around the world, second only to the Polish prime minister’s appearances.

TEDxKrakow’s theme is “Texting the Dragon”, which may be an enigmatic riddle to anyone who isn’t from the Małopolska region, but refers to the way in which the city authorities overcame a lack of funds to pay the bills for Wawel Castle’s dragon to breathe real fire. With this metaphor, the TEDxKrakow speakers will explore the conflicts between innovation and tradition, something that is a feature of everyday life in Poland.

For more information and live streaming, visit www.tedxkrakow.com.

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