World Leaders of the Press Meet in Krakow

300 members of leading press and media agencies around the world are congregating in Krakow for the three-day INMA/OPA Europe Conference 2010, 29 September-1 October.

The conference comes at a time when print journalism is being threatened on a global scale due to inconsistent and waning sources of funding, and when online media agencies are still struggling to establish themselves as feasible and reliable information sources. Several workshops and discussion panels are being held at the Park Inn Hotel to contemplate the future of news media and its tenuous but decisive ties to advertising. Topics range from sports to research, from local to global, and cover every distribution medium available.

Leaders from The New York Times, Microsoft, Google, as well as news sources from Russia, India, Ireland, Poland and various other nations representing about 100 agencies from around the world will participate, with ample time for networking built into the program.

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