One-minute with musical talent Andy Baily after expat concert

The Krakow Post: How did you get here, what?s the idea of the concert?
Andy Baily: Well, 750th anniversary is an occasion! We went to a lady whom we knew previously and told her that we want to play for Krakow?s jubilee, too. Ennio Morricone is okay, but there are also other bands in Krakow and we wanted to show it.
Q: I can?t help feeling the foreigners in the audience knew you more.
A: Oh, that?s because of the weather. We Englishmen can stand at a concert in the pouring rain. You Poles are a great audience, but when it starts raining, you disappear (he laughs). But I think the idea of Polish-foreign cooperation needs to be promoted, it needs time. Now we have a big international artistic community. We exchange artists and cooperate with Polish musicians who we meet at artistic events.
Q: How did you come to Krakow?
A: I wanted to get out of London. I came here five years ago, actually after a girl ? Polish women are so beautiful! I became fascinated with the place. My relationship with the city seems to be more lasting than this with the girl. Actually, my cello teacher was of Polish roots; his family was forced to leave Poland during the World War II.
Q: How is your Polish? A: Oh, mooy polsky yest sawkyem okay (Trans: Oh, my Polish is okay). But it?s difficult, in fact 70 percent more difficult than English. But we all learn it because we respect the place we live in. Krakow is our home. We are really a couple of nice guys, although we like a drink or two. And we truly apologize for the stags; we too find them as pigs. But don?t worry, you?ll get rid of them ? Krakow is too good for them

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