Expat musicians perform live on Rynek Szczepanski

On Friday, July 6, a unique, original and lively concert featuring foreign artists living in Krakow took place on Rynek Szczepanski in celebration of the city?s 750th anniversary. Foreign artists representing countries such as England, the U.S., Australia, Canada and France displayed their repertoire in unison with Polish artists.
The stage was graced with the performances of Bloody Mary (Polish support), Midnight Reverie Trio, Sacred Music Class, Eluctric and Fox Gang all of whom played some great jazz/electric-rock despite poor weather.
Playing with young Krakow musicians was the star of the evening Tony Wrafter, a former member of legendary bands The Cure, The Who and Massive Attack.
The artists ended the evening as an ensemble with an original piece ?Song of Krakow,? giving a performance that was lively, interesting and completely different from sing-song style compositions.
?When Thymn Chase (leader of Eluctric and host of the concert) and other artists living in Krakow heard about the anniversary jubilee, they wanted to honor the city as the other artists did,? said Magdalena Goszczynska, organizer of the concert. ?Everything went well, but we arrived at the idea a bit late. We did everything at the last moment. But we received a lot of help from Krakow?s Festival Bureau,? she said.
However, the concert is not a one-time event as the bands want to have another go.
?We want to broaden the program and make a festival of it,? said Goszczynska. ?Other artists come to Krakow, give a concert and leave. We want to keep them in Krakow for a longer time to experience the city. I?m sure the value of artistic projects is as big as everywhere else in the world, but the wallop of Krakow is definitely smaller, and this disproportion should be changed.?

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