Love Life: Torn Dubliner

Dear Dr. Ovlowska,

I am working in Krakow and will be living here for some time, but before I left my hometown in Ireland I began dating a man who I really liked, but we did not start anything serious because I knew I was leaving. Now, I have met someone new here that I could pursue a relationship with. However, the man I was dating in Ireland is coming to visit for a week, as I had invited him before I met the second man. Should I tell my Irish companion the truth, or should I just lie to him and enjoy a week together?

Torn Dubliner

Dear Torn Dubliner,

Both the Irish and the Polish are admired for their exceptional ability to “go with the flow”, be creative and improvise on the spot.

Communication is always good, BUT picking the right moment is equally important.

This is when your sensitivity or “cosmic computer” comes into play. What does your gut tell you when you speak to Mister Dublin on the phone? Is it a good feeling or does guilt already creep up your spine? What does Mister Krakow provoke in you, at a gut level?

To be sure they both are totally sexy and great company, but… apart from that?

Sometimes life offers us a unique opportunity to get to know ourselves even better. This is certainly one such moment for you and, whatever you end up doing to or about your two suitors, it will be a statement about the person you are – or the person you choose to be!

Isn’t that cool? You have a chance to choose and define who you want to be. Right now.

We humans have all been equipped with a most exquisite computing system that operates much faster than our educated intellect and by following a few simple rules, we can learn to tap into this non-local intelligence.

So let your handsome hunk from Dublin fly in. Don’t drink alcohol but keep a clear head at all times. Make sure you feel and look good, take some exercise. If you’re into yoga: congratulations! Meditation is just great. But running one or two rounds around the Błonia works wonders too.

Make a loose schedule for his stay, and leave the rest to the Universe. After all, isn’t Krakow said to be one of the planet’s seven chakra points ?

Deep down you know what is right… but do write back and let me know how it went!

Spiritually yours,
Dr. Ovlowska

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